Coppen, Norman Evelyn

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Oral history recording. Norman Coppen (1920-1998) talks about migrating to New Zealand after World War II and his life as a dairy farmer in Taranaki. He discusses his assisted passage on board the ship HMS Rimutaka, farm work, social life (dances, movies) and life in Taranaki in the late 1940s and 1950s more generally.

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Side 1:

b 1920, London, migrated to New Zealand after World War II. Talks of post war England, the voyage to New Zealand, what he found when he arrived.

Side 2:

Stayed with the Fords, David Street, New Plymouth and described New Plymouth as he discovered it. Became a farm cadet, describes farm work.

Side 3:

Talks more of farm work, social life in the country, parents' migration to New Plymouth, working at Charlie Wilson's tile works.

Side 4:

Talks of buying lunch at the Majestic milk bar, going to the pictures and dances. Talks of working at the tile works then being a farm manager.

Side 5:

Describes working on the Smith farm as it was in 1950. Also talks of social life, his music, his motorbike, various businesses.

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how does one obtain a copy of this

- Graham Baker posted 3 years ago.

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