Oral history. Born at Kaponga, Anita talks of her childhood in the Eltham area, her tarining as a teacher and teaching at Matapu and Douglas Schools. She recalls being overseas in 1931 and returning to Douglas where she married Ernie Walter, a dairy farmer and raised a family.
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Research tape.

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b.1904, Kaponga. Talks of her childhood in Kaponga district, visits to Parihaka. Family moved to Eltham when she was four. Describes childhood memories - typhoid, education, tollgates etc. Went to New Plymouth Girls High, saw first plane (didn't see it crash). Entertainment and past times. Talks of training as a teacher, attending Victoria University. Taught at Matapu school and Douglas School.

Side 2:

Talks of school concerts - at times wrote plays for them. In 1931 went to Europe, England and Scotland, Norway before coming back to Douglas where she married Ernie Walter, a dairy farmer. Anita designed new house and supplied all furniture - oak, made to order. Married in 1934. Describes honeymoon, raising a family, life style in Douglas, WDFF, death of husband etc.

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Master tape.

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