Hales, Sam

Oral history. Sam talks about his life, including being a printer and life long pacifist.

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Tape Number: One Side: One

Subject/Project name: Local history

Born 1912, London. Died 16 December 1995

Recalls seeing zeppelin in search lights over London during WWI. Talks of schooling. His father was a Primitive Methodist preacher - raised on the bible and poetry. Joined the Peace Pledge Union - an organisation of pacifists and became a pacifist leader. Describes starting a printing business and his encounter with the police on the outbreak of World War II.

Tape Number: One Side: Two

Sam registered as a conscientious objector, discusses his court appearance. Sold his printing business and manpowered into a printing job ? in Axminster. Talks of meeting future wife Margaret who was a Quaker. Talks of family - also pacifists. Sam and Margaret marry and first child is born.

Tape Number: Two Side: One

Talks of leaving his man powered job without permission and returning to London where he started a business. Continued involvement in the peace movement and Quakers - two factions - one intellectual and the other pastoral. Later moved to Willaton, Somerset where Sam and Margaret started a non-fiction library and art gallery. Came in on the fringe of the film business. Margaret to NZ 1956

Tape Number: Two Side: Two

Describes how he decided to come to New Zealand - Quaker newspaper with article about Quaker community in Nelson. Talks of preparations, hitches etc which eventuated in a delay of three months for Sam. Things didn't work out in Nelson and the family moved to Christchurch. Was offered a job at Avery Press New Plymouth and later opened his own printing business in Devon Street. Later took up real estate - the Fitzroy Land Agency and the Fitzroy Press.

Tape Number: Three Side: One

England - Talks of involvement in films and an amusing story of being shielded by Albert Finney's hymn book. Related situation in New Zealand - seems restless - working at various occupations such as real estate, photographer etc. Also had a business called Fitzroy Press and a company called Prestidge Publicity. Went into real estate business with Tony Rich and Rhys Davies operating from property on corner Vivian and Brougham Street. Involved in WEA (Workers Education Assoc.) Taranaki Peace Group, New Plymouth Film Society, Values Party etc Was instrumental in forming the Citizens Advice Bureau and was Link representative in Taranaki

Tape Number: Three Side: Two

Continues talking of the Link organisation. and the Taranaki Traveller's Club. Mentions the China Friendship Society, prison visiting, Council for Civil Liberties, Amnesty International etc. Talks of the Red Squad during the Spring Bok Tour of 1984.

Date: 20 December 1993

Interviewer: Robert Paton and Jean Van Gorkom

Abstraction by: Mary Donald and Jim Hall

Restrictions: None

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