Oral history. Dr Alan Hayton talks of his life as a physician.
Recorded: 16 February 1994
Interviewer: Joy Peckham
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  Part 1

Research tapes.

Tape 1 Side 1:

Born 1919, Hawera. Talks of his family. (Also see OH/LH/076-78, ARC 2003-1208, for story according to brother Stuart). Went to Otago Medical School and went into general practice. First position was doctor at a Toc H Boys camp 1937. Served in army and rose to the position of Major. After was sent back to Wellington as House Surgeon. Describes his medical career, Post Graduate study in the UK, Returned to New Plymouth and continued to practice. Retired at 65 and took up position as a locum.

Tape 1 Side 2:

Talks of his first wife's (Dorothy Perry) family history. Has personal interest in medical and local history in particular. Talks of military service.

Tape 2 Side 1:

Mentions second wife Shirley Edgar. Talks of hobbies, which are mainly history orientated. Loves writing little stories. Interests and fascinations.

Recorded: 16 February 1994

Interviewer: Joy Peckham

Abstraction: Carol Sampson

  Part 2

Abstract. Created by Carol Sampson

  Part 3

Master tapes.

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