Oral history. Born in 1904 Christopher Saxton was a surveyor and civil engineer in the New Plymouth area, he died in 1996. He recalls his early life on the family farm, schooling and training as a surveyor. Involved in the Vogeltown Home Guard. Describes his surveying work and mentions the clubs and social activities he was involved in.
Recorded: 14 June 1993
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Archive Contents

  Part 1

Tape 1 Side B

004: Talks of parents and grandparents.

095: Describes home environment, library and farm.

199: Talks of the farms, schooling, training as a surveyor etc.

224: He talks of the New Plymouth City Council Sewage reticulation and the Eliot Street outfall.

260: Was in private practice (surveying) for 40 years. describes work.

323: Involved with the Vogeltown Home Guard.

  Part 2

Tape 2 Side A

005: Surveying at Ohura.

067: Past times such as tennis parties and swimming in the Henui River.

104: Met future wife Margaret, a nurse, trained as Plunket Nurse and Midwife.

163: Had three sons.

245: Tells story of how he met Anna Kristensen, his current partner.

341: Talks of clubs and societies to which be belongs.

363: Relates information about parents.

390: Ends with a comment about being involved with oil exploration - found no oil - only boiling water.

Recorded: 14 June 1993

Interviewer Joy Peckham

Abstraction: Joy Peckham

Accession No


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