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The New Plymouth Recreation Ground was opened in 1876 and was developed and managed by a committee drawn from the community. In 1908, the name was changed to Pukekura and in 1929, the park was gifted to the New Plymouth Borough.
While focused primarily on the history of Pukekura Park, it includes material on the various parks and historic trees in New Plymouth generally. It consists of notes, newspaper articles and an extensive collection of photographs.
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  Box 1

Correspondence; Historic trees G/18

Correspondence; Historic Trees G/18 cont.

Correspondence; 1977 - 84; Plants G/30

Correspondence; Paul Tritenbach; History of Pukekura 1985

New Plymouth District Scheme 1971

Papers; miscellaneous

Publicity; Out in the Park; 1970 -79

Publicity; Out in the Park; 1987

Publicity; Out in the Park; 1988; ref - 6/HD/61/88

Publicity; Out in the Park; 1989; ref - 6/HD/61/87

Publicity; Out in the Park; 1990

Publicity; Out in the Park; 1991

Publicity; Out in the Park; 1992

Publicity; Out in the Park; 1994

Publicity; Out in the Park; 1995

Publicity; Out in the Park; 1996

Publicity; Out in the Park; 1997

Publicity; Out in the Park; undated + misc undated

Watkins, Roger; newspaper articles

Jury, Abbie; newspaper articles

Pukeiti Diary; newspaper articles

  Box 2

Files.Burstall, S. W. Check list of notable trees in New Plymouth. 1973

Fuller, George. Newspaper clippings.

Goodwin, John. Diary; Lyndon 1936. Plus plant notes.

Goodwin, John. Job application. 1946

Jellymen, Alan. Newspaper clippings.

Polloch, R. P. & Hallwell, G. A guide to some lesser known trees and other crops mainly for warmer parts of New Zealand. 1978

Saxton, D. F. C. Pukekura Park, historical notes. Including:

- Letters for and against the Pukekura Park fountain.

- Plans for the fountain.

- 3 Bernard Aris (?) sketches of fountain (possibly to include in brochure).

- Specifications

- Hints to operators.

Brooklands. Opening 1934

Brooklands. Walks.

Pukekura Park. Awards and certificates.

Pukekura Park. Band Rotunda.

Pukekura Park. Carols and music.

Pukekura Park. History. 1929

Pukekura Park. Illuminations.

Pukekura Park. Marathons and runs.

Pukekura Park. Sports/ events.

Pukekura Park. Walks.

Pukekura Park. Waterfall.

Pukekura Park and Brooklands. Newspaper clippings.

Pukekura Park and Brooklands. Management plan committee meeting papers. 1992

Pukekura Park and Brooklands. Management Plan. 1993

Pukekura Park and Brooklands. Orienteering.

Pukekura Park and Brooklands. Walks.


Royal Institute of Horticulture. Notable/Historic trees.

Royal Institute of Horticulture. Pukekura Visitors Survey. 1985

  Box 3

Brochures. Bowl of Brooklands.

Brochures. Miscellaneous overseas publications.

Brochures. Miscellaneous New Zealand publications.

Brochures. New Plymouth parks and reserves.

Brochures. New Zealand Walkways.

Brochures. Botanic Gardens overseas

Brochures. Botanic Gardens NZ

Brochures. Summer Scene

Brochures. NP History

Photographs. (Large format)

Photographs. Parks; misc

Photographs. Pukekura various gardens

Photographs. Jubilees, Centennials, events

Photographs. Pukekura, views of lake

Photographs. Sport

Photographs. Memorial plaques etc

Photographs. Water wheels (Pukekura and Omata)

Photographs. Brooklands Zoo

Photographs. Pukekura, Buildings

Photographs. Pukekura, aerial views

Photographs. Pukekura/Brooklands, trees, walks, border, fernery

Photographs. Pukekura; children's activities, playground

Photographs. Pukekura, construction of various features

Photographs. Pukekura; illuminations, includes some John Crawford images

Photographs. Pukekura; Somerville collection

Photographs. Notable Trees, John Johns collection 1983

Photographs. Summer Scene 1993?

  Box 4

Photographs. (Smaller Format)

(original grouping of photos has been retained. Where negs exist, they are either stored with the photos of transferred to Box 6.. Other photos have been grouped according to subject)

Photographs. Pukekura; Album; Avann-Wynchcombe family, gifted to Pukekura Park by Mrs R T Bell.

Photographs. Pukekura; album (staff record of plantings)

Photographs. Pukekura, snap shops C1895

Photographs. Pukekura, buildings, features

Photographs. misc

Photographs. Pukekura misc

Photographs. Pukekura, draining the lake

Photographs. Pukekura, views of lake (b/w)

Photographs. Pukekura, views of lake (b/w)

Photographs. Pukekura, views of lake (colour)

Photographs. Pukekura, views of lake (colour)

Photographs. Pukekura, events

Photographs. Pukekura, sports events

Photographs. Pukekura, staff 1991

Photographs. Pukekura, borders herbaceous

Photographs. Pukekura, NP Sash & Door logging pines Children’s

playground area C1950

Photographs. Pukekura, Centennial planting 1976

Photographs. Pukekura, Turf usage, + Vogeltown park

Photographs. Robe Street - during Ranfurly Shield Parade 1988

  Box 5

Photographs. Pukekura; herbaceous plantings

Photographs. Pukekura; views (colour)

Photographs. Pukekura; summer scene

Photographs. Pukekura; views, borders, (in spring) (colour)

Photographs. Pukekura; views, borders 1991/92 (colour)

Photographs. Pukekura; herbaceous borders (colour)

Photographs. Pukekura; floral borders/gardens (colour)

Photographs. Pukekura; plants. features (colour)

Photographs. Pukekura; Brooklands Zoo, Begonia House, Otter house (colour)

Photographs. Pukekura; installing the water wheel (colour)

Photographs. Pukekura; parades, views (colour)

Photographs. Pukekura; Dredging the lake (b/w)

Photographs. Pukekura; various scenes (b/w)

Photographs. Pukekura; lookout, views (colour)

Photographs. Pukekura; views (b/w copied onto a colour film)

Photographs. Summer scene?

Photographs. Lynmouth Park, Vogeltown Park, lawns for special purposes (b/w)

Photographs. Kawaroa baths (colour)

Photographs. Free flight aviary, Belt Rd, Huatoki Domain, Pukekura. Timandra, construction of sawpit (b/w)

Photographs. Christmas lights, Pukekura Park, Crematorium, Minogue Park, Swimming pool, foreshore, Crematorium cemetery, misc people, (b/w)

Photographs. Vehicle Department, Vogeltown development, Ngamotu Domain Development & others (b/w)

Photographs. Kawaroa Hydroslide (colour)

Photographs. Kawaroa Hydroslide (colour)

Photographs. Victor Davies Park, Croquet lawns, Brooklands Zoo, view from Marsland Hill (colour)

Photographs. Wanganui? (b//w)

Photographs. Napier conference (b/w)

Photographs. Wellington Conference (b/w)

Photographs. Pukekura development (b/w)

Photographs. Napier/Ashburton (b/w)

Photographs. Puke Ariki development (colour)

Photographs. Trip to Otago 1976 (Alan Jellyman) (b/w)

Photographs. Waihi Beach, Peringa Park. Pukekura, East End (b/w)

Photographs. Napier trip? (b/w)

Photographs. Napier trip? (b/w)

Photographs. Notable trees (colour)

Photographs. Brooklands Zoo construction(B/W)

Photographs. Brooklands Zoo, otter enclosure (colour)

Negatives. Notable trees

Negatives. Final of the National Pipe Band Championships, Pukekura Park 1934/35? a panorama of the sports grounds,

Negatives. unidentified and misc

Negatives. Variety of photos taken by Jack Goodwin - includes Lynmouth Park, Kikuyu growing on the Lorna Street Dump, Vehicle depot, Buffalo grass at east End beach, turf management, Pukekura sports grounds etc.

  Box 6

Photographs, negatives and slides

Photographs. Pukekura Park lake (fixed to glass - glass is broken)

Negatives. sheets of negs, most relate to photos in boxes 4 and 5

Slides. A collection of slides containing images of Pukekura Park, Booklands Park and Brooklands Bowl. Includes a catalogue.

  Box 7

Horticultural records

Field Books.11 volumes containing planting guides, compiled 1984-86

Aerial photos of Pukekura and Brooklands Parks, marked with grids, which correspond to references in the Field Books

Miscellaneous note book.

Box of livestock tags.

  Box 8

Good, John Henry Morris. Folio containing water colour paintings 1895-97; includes rural views, an untitled stream with bush on far bank, unidentified lake scene with European man in waka, Mt Taranaki, and two mss poems - 'Lines addressed to a young lady' and 'The Recreation Grounds'.

Scrapbook. Tree of the week newspaper articles 1963

  Box 9

Scrapbooks. 1965 – 1978

  Box 10

Scrapbooks. 1979 – 1984

  Box 11

Scrapbooks. 1984 – 1993 (missing from collection September 03, 2003)

  Box 12

Scrapbooks. 1993 – 1997

  Box 13

Nursery Stock Lists. 1971; 1972;1973; 1974; 1975; 1977; 1978; 1979; 1980; 1981; 1982; 1984; 1985; 1986.

Plant donations register 1973 - 1985

Seed register. 1973 - 1979

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