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In 1859 the Reverend Henry Handley Brown came to New Plymouth with his wife Sophia and their eleven children on board the ship Eclipse. With the exception of two sons, the family went to Nelson during the Taranaki Wars. Henry & Sophia's eldest son, also named Henry Brown, stayed behind and joined the Taranaki Rifle Volunteers along with his brother Francis (Frank). When peace returned to the region, Henry Junior began a sawmilling business, first along the bush lines around New Plymouth. In 1877 he opened a mill in Inglewood but his head office was located in New Plymouth along with a timber yard.

This collection includes family papers relating to the descendants of Henry Brown (son of Reverend H .H. and Sophia Brown) and business records relating to the Henry Brown & Co. sawmills.
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Family Files

History of the Brown family 13pp

Reunion 1988 (2 folders)

Brown (?), Caroline; poetry

Brown, Don and Barbara. House plans 1991; newspaper clipping, Don retires 1992, mortgage repayment book. 1945-1964

Brown, Don; cricket score book.

Brown, Ethel Mary. Last will and estate papers. 1961

Brown, Frances Conington; last will. 1859

Brown, Francis and ? (nee Mackay), notice of wedding, Inglewood Weekly Record. 17/3/1900

Brown, Frank (Francis Henry). Letter from Papps (NPBH School) re Handley's selection to NZ Reps 1924, Last will and estate papers. 1935

Brown, Handley. References 1923, "War Record 1939-1945, miscellaneous insurance papers. (2 folders)

Brown, Henry. Last will and estate papers. 1921

Brown, Henry. Miscellaneous papers including newspaper clippings, obituary, NP Public cemetery Certificate, photocopy of letter to Henry from his father Rev Henry Handley Brown May 19 1856.

Brown, Henry and Harriet (Brooking). Copy of Marriage certificate 1854, permission of the Church to marry without publication of Banns.

Brown, Rev. Henry Handley. Miscellaneous papers including last

will and probate. (parchment)

Brown, Rev. Henry Handley. research notes compiled for Margaret Alington by Marjory McConachie, St Mary's Church, New Plymouth

Brown, Rev. H. H. and Sophia. Baptismal records from the Parish of Burton Penwarden. 1842-1855

Brown, John. Passport (photocopy) 1865

Brown, Robert Watson. Miscellaneous newspaper cuttings.

Brown, Robert Watson. Funeral 1992. Order of service and eulogy.

Brown, Robert Watson. Mss copy of Welbourn Manor to Taranaki : the history of the Brown family (1988)

  Box 2

Family files

Brown, Robert Watson. Unbound copy of Welbourn Manor to Taranaki.

Henry Handley Brown family tree compiled by Nola Corbett and Bev Mitchell. 1988

Fitzpatrick, Edwin. Newspaper cutting on the College Rifles Rugby Club reunion.

Handley, Cornet H. E. Photocopy and transcript of a letter from Cornet Handley written at the Battle of Balaclava after the charge of the Light Brigade. 1854

Kramer, Elizabeth Johanna. Last will and estate papers. 1856

Morris, Rev. John B. and Anna (Sophia's parents). Sermon 1846. Probate for Rev John 1848 and Anna 1858.

Pain, Thomas. Copy of letter from Rev H. H. Brown to his cousin Thomas Pain. 1891

Standish family. Copy of A patchwork of people the story of our family: the Standish’s of New Zealand and some diaries and letters of Colin Gilray written by Ruth S. Bryce.

Unidentified part of letter? with notes.

Notes on how Welbourn School, New Plymouth got its name.

Welbourn, England various information. "History of Welbourn Church and its surroundings".

Welbourn Manor to Taranaki : the history of the Brown family (1988) Bound copy.

Ellis Veneer Co Ltd. A plywood postcard.

Brown Lands Development Ltd. Minute book. 1964 - 1980

Brown Lands Development Ltd. Plan of subdivision. Glen Avon (Handley Place)

Tribe, Brown & Co Ltd. Company papers. 1921 - 1972

Tribe, Brown & Co Ltd. Share register. 1922-1927

Tribe, Brown & Co Ltd. Annual statements. 1920-1930

Tribe, Brown & Co Ltd. Annual statements. 1931-1936

Tribe, Brown & Co Ltd. Draft plan. Handley Place, Welbourn subdivision.

  Box 3

Business files

Tribe, Brown & Co Ltd. Balance sheets & accounts. 1937-1945

Tribe, Brown & Co Ltd. Balance sheets & accounts. 1946-1955

Tribe, Brown & Co Ltd. Balance sheets & accounts. 1956-1966

Hughsons centennial 1880 - 1980. Publication.

Moa Co-op. Dairy. Photocopies of research notes re Moa Farmers Club.

New Plymouth Sash & Door Company. Shareholders list 1959, annual report & balance sheet. 1958

C & A Odlin Timber & Hardware Company. Doors of distinctive design. Promotional material c1920.

Opunake Sawmilling Company. Certificate of incorporation 1904, Liquidation 1918, Agreement re timber rights etc. (photocopies)

Pohokura Sawmill Company. Mill account and profit & loss account 1924. (Mimiograph, very fragile, extensive insect damage)

Henry Brown & Company. Apprenticeship agreement for Gordon Hooker. 1902 (photocopy)

Henry Brown & Company. Bush Railway Inglewood. Transcript of interview A J (Alan) Paterson by P J Mahoney 1989 plus photos. (all photocopies)

Henry Brown & Company. Everybody's Theatre, Contract 1916. (photocopy)

Henry Brown & Company. Warrior (ship) carrying timber. (from Tataraimaka, 1847-1993 : the first 146 years)

Henry Brown & Company. Browns Mill, Hursthouse Rd., Inglewood. (photocopy)

Henry Brown & Company. The door beautiful. Promotional material (booklet) c1920.

Henry Brown & Company. Notes on the building of Merchiston, Hunterville. Henry Brown & Co. supplied staircase.

Henry Brown & Company. Miscellaneous newspaper cuttings.

Henry Brown & Company. Company registration. 1920

Henry Brown & Company. Mill, Inglewood. Early accounts.

Henry Brown & Company.Illustrated catalogue of mouldings and fixtures. Promotional material:

Henry Brown & Company. 100 year celebration Westpac and H. Brown & Co. 1993

Henry Brown & Company. 125th celebration. 1988

Henry Brown & Company. Letter from Ian Sutherland on the 130th Jubilee. 1993

Henry Brown & Company. Documentation of company vehicles.

Henry Brown & Company. Sawmill at Taumarunui, newspaper cutting.

  Box 4

Henry Brown & Co Ltd. Ledger 1920 (1 vol)

  Box 5

Henry Brown & Co Ltd. Ledgers 1927-1935. 1932-1948 (2 vols)

  Box 6

Henry Brown & Company. Ledgers 1936-1948. 1942 - 1949 (2 vols)

  Box 7

Henry Brown & Company. Ledger 1954-1975 (1 vol)

  Box 8

Henry Brown & Company. Journal 1935-1969 (2 vols)

  Box 9

Henry Brown & Company. Quote book 1928-1932. Cash book 1912-1945

  Box 10

Henry Brown & Company. Inglewood cash book 1946-1972

  Box 11

Henry Brown & Company. Cash book 1934-1945. Stock book 1938-1956

  Box 12

Henry Brown & Company. Minutes 1920-1971 (4 vols)

  Box 13

Henry Brown & Company. Minutes 1971-1974. Share Register 1920-1966. Minutes Kaponga sawmills 1966-1985

Henry Brown & Company. Minutes 1966-1985

  Box 14

Waitara Sawmill. Cash-book 1946-1951

Waitara Sawmill. Stock-book 1960-1981

Omata Sawmill. Share register 1954-1990

Oomata Sawmill. Minute book. 1954-1985

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  Box 16

Movie film. Marunui sawmills filmed by Des Hayes (Chemist at Taumarunui). Stored in photographic cold store L2.5

  Box 17

Henry Brown & Company. Ledger 1917-1925. Journal 1902-1936

  Box 18

Henry Brown & Company. Cheque book 1961-1969. Balance Book 1925-1932. Cash Book 1911-1945.

  Box 19

Henry Brown & Company. Ledger 1921-1928, 1928-1936. Quotations ex mill 1978-1990

  Box 20

Henry Brown & Company. Sun Insurance thanks to H Brown 1965.

Cash Book 1915-1950 and New Plymouth stock book 1957-1979.

Share register 1919-1924. History of Henry Brown by Jody Cursons. (School project)

Various calendars. Miscellaneous papers.

  Box 21

Henry Brown & Company. Sales Ledger. October 1896 - July 1942

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