In 1940, a series of Bobby Calf Pools were formed. The Inglewood Pool was one of the first in North Taranaki and covered the greater Inglewood and Taurutangi area. The Bobby Calf Pool negotiated with carriers and meat works for the collection and processing of newborn male calves. The calves were processed as veal.
The records consist of three minutes books cover the period June 1940 to May 1988. This includes the inaugural meeting describing how the pool was set up and the final meeting at which the Pool was wound up.
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  Part 1

1. Minute book. June 1940 - June 1963

  Part 2

2. Minute book. May 1963 - Sept. 1981

  Part 3

3. Minute book. Feb. 1982 - May 1988

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