Brown, Robert Watson

A collection of research papers of Bob Brown, Mayor of Inglewood 1941-1971, Director of Henry Brown & Co. and Brown Lands Ltd., chairman of Inglewood High School Committee, synodsman, St. Andrew's Anglican Church and local historian.
The collection includes local histories, jubilee and centennial programmes, a farm diary for G. Brereton, Dudley Rd. 1948-1957, N.Z. Historic Places lecture notes and transfer of Hurworth, mss notes on local Inglewood organisations. Photographs, newspaper cuttings. Manuscript for his book Te Moa : 100 years history of the Inglewood community, 1875-1975 published in 1975. A minute book for the Inglewood Free Kindergarten 1955 - 1961.
Personal papers include a diary for Frank A. Brown 1878, accounts for a trousseau and glory box for Dorothy Brown (nee Clery), speech notes for farewell as Mayor of Inglewood 1971.

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  Box 1

B/W prints: Holts; Baigents; Brown's, probably the oldest privately owned sawmilling co. Envelope.

NZ Historic Places Trust folder. Includes - Tapuinikau, by Percy Smith; Establishment of the military redoubt at Pukearuhe, 1865; Life on a Taranaki farm in the 1889's, by A Leigh Hunt.

Farm diary of G Brereton, 1948-1951.

Folder. Objections of R W Brereton and R W & D T Brown to proposed district scheme of the Borough of Inglewood.

Photo - 1924 All Blacks.

A Patchwork of people: the story of our family, the Standishes of New Zealand and some diaries and letters of Colin Gilray/Ruth Standish Bryce. 1983. Typescript.

Vicar's annual report, 1961-62, St Andrew, Inglewood, and, Statement of accounts, 1959.

Inglewood and district centennial programme, 1875-1975.

Inglewood Bowling club 75th Jubilee, Mar 1981.

Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, souvenir programme, Inglewood, June 1953.

Material re forest destruction. Holograph, clipping, xerox.

2 B/W prints re H Y Brown, timber merchant. Envelope.

1 B/W print 4 horses pulling carriage. G Rymer.

Copy of letter written by Cornet H E Handley from the battlefield at Balaklava, to his Mother, Caroline Handley after the famous Light Brigade Charge.

Letter from John Elkington to Henry Brown. 17 Mar 1841.

Letter from Henry Brown to Nicholson & Goddard and receipt. 24 Jan 1843. + envelope.

Material re sale of Hurworth to NZ Historic Places Trust. 9 Feb 1968. 9p. + envelope.

Poem re Major Hine. 2p.

Objection to Inglewood District Scheme from Robert Watson Brown. 5p.

[Speech] re alternative to Inglewood Proposed District Scheme. 11p [repetitive?]

  Box 2

The story of St John's Church, Omata, 1875-1975.[J S Tullet]

Polish settlers in Taranaki, 1876-1976, by J W Pobog-Jaworowski.

Taranaki, eighty years ago, 1840-1842, by W H Skinner.

Norfolk school jubilee, 1879-1969. Editor: Estelle Corney.

100 years of timber: a history of Henry Brown and the company he established, by John E Gifford.

Inglewood United Rugby Football Club 75th jubilee, 1-3 June 1973.

The first fifty years: a jubilee history of the Taranaki Electric-power board, 1922-1972, Keith H Anderson.

A service of worship to mark the centenary of the opening...of St John, Omata, 14 Feb 1875.

The virgin forest harvest and the development of colonial New Zealand, by Rollo Arnold. 1976.

Hydro electric investigation of the Patea river: environmental impact report, Oct 1977.

The Moa Farmers' Co-operative Dairy co. ltd. 76th annual report and balance sheet, 1970-1974.

Inglewood High School prospectus, 1974.

Taranaki Savings Bank annual report, 1974.

Inglewood and the Moa District in 1875. Derek W Stewart.

BNZ Inglewood: a century of service, 1878-1978, by R H Griffin.

Christmas decorations, Pukekura Park [brochure]

A short history of the parochial district of St Andrews, Inglewood, R W Brown, 1969.

New Zealand Historic Places Trust historic sites tour [clipping] Sunday Express 13 Feb 1977.

Material re Taranaki Pioneer Village Society - Founder donation certificate, 5th AGM material, 1978.

City of Napier centennial, 1874-1974: official souvenir booklet & Programme, 9 Feb-4 May.

Our Taranaki by air, editor Roger Jeakings.

UBD touring map, with Henry Brown's advert on the front.

3 Letters from Derek W Stewart to Mr Brown Oct 1969 + envelope.

Letter from Derek W STewart to Mr Brown Nov 1969 + envelope..

Inglewood United Rugby Football Club finance statement 1980.

Inglewood United Rugby Football Club, 75th jubilee, 1-3 June 1973.

Hurworth [brochure] New Zealand Historic Places Trust.

Records of Taranaki Museum: some ethnographic specimens in the Taranaki Museum, by H D Skinner, Jun 1973.

New Anglican church, St Andrew's Inglewood, the first service, Official opening on Sunday.

The Budget no. 521, 11 Oct 1876.

Historic and no;table trees of New Zealand: Taranaki, Wanganui and Rangitikei-Central North Island, by S W Burstall, Oct 1973.

  Box 3

Livery & Bait stables, T West. B/W print.

S Huston's railway stables. B/W print.

Letter from Roy Yardley to R W Brown + letter from Sue Dodunski re Inglewood Free Kindergarten. Jun 1974 + envelope.

Inglewood Horticultural Society [clipping] 12 Sep 1919.

Pioneer medical men of Taranaki, 1834-1880, by W H Skinner, 1933.

Pencil portrait of Francis Henry Brown.


Research notes for Te Moa: 100 years history of Inglewwod, 1875-1975. 4 folders.

Inglewood United Rugby Football Club 75th jubilee, 1-3 Jun 1973.

A Forester's heritage: a century of the Ancient Order of Foresters in Inglewood, 1876-1976, by John V McIntyre.

Letters from immigrants. Envelope.

Inglewood to lose historical sawmilling link. 24 Nov 1978. Cutting.

One of NZ' oldest mills to close - J & E Wilkes, Waitara. 6 Dec 1978. Clipping.

25 years of Rotary in Inglewood. 14 Aug 1985. Clipping.

Flood events in Taranaki/Taranaki Catchment Commission, 1982.

  Box 4

Inglewood public school's Diamond jubilee. Taranaki Daily News 11 May 1935. Xerox. 5 p. + original clipping.

Reminiscences of a Taranaki surveyor. p.34-84. Xerox.

Frontier life, Taranaki, by E Brookes, 1892. p.8-17. Xerox.

History of Taranaki, by Wells. p. 266-269. Xerox.

Miscellaneious research material. In envelope with the above two.

Drama was missing from re-enactment...Inglewood's first 100 years. Times Record 29 Jan 1975. 4 copies.

Photos from Inglewood's [Easter] parade. Times Record 9 Apr 1975.

County seeks solution to stream pollution [Inglewood]. Times Record 17 Apr 1974.

Inglewood shops gutted in fire. Daily News 2 Mar 1974.

Rate demand to R W Brown, Inglewood. Jul 1942.

Cadastral map of Inglewood County, 1935.

A Campaign on the west coast of New Zealand, comprising the western portion of the provinces of Wellington and Taranaki, by European and Colonial forces, under the command of Major-General Chute, during the month of Jan and Feb 1866. Copy.

A century for Inglewood 22 Jan 1875-22 Jan 1975. Times Record, 22 Jan 1975. 2 copies.

Inglewood's centennial, the town now... Taranaki Herald 21 Jan 1975.

A century of progress at Inglewood, future is assured. Daily News 21 Jan 1975.3

  Box 5

Account book [unidentified] 1895-1958, containing Last Will and Testament of John Jackson of Bedford Rd, Taranaki. Dated 19 Apr 1896. Died 31 Dec 1906.

Te Moa: 100 years history of Inglewood, 1875-1975. Typescript. 2v.

  Box 6

Church services. Leather bound, with clasp.

Burn's poetical works.

Group portrait, 1875-1905.[Possibly from Inglewood school jubilee] B/W print.

Inglewood District Council, plannign and resource management pre review discussion document, Jun 1989.

Excavations at Warea Redoubt, Jan Feb 1978, by Nigel Prickett.

Welbourn Carrington schools 50th jubilee, 1932-1982.

  Box 7

California Door Co. [price list notebook] 1914.

Clipping re pollution of Kurapete Stream written by R W Brown 7 Dec [n.d.]

Summary of church activities in Inglewood? by I H Graham, 1962. [lacks p.1]

Planning and administering education in Taranaki: draft constitution for a Tarnanki education council based on a ward system. 1977 & 1978.

100 years of Taranaki rugby, 1885-1985. [R W Brown signature]

Premier with a pit-saw, by Marge Penwarden [ article in Skyway, Mar 1981 on Hurworth]

Taranaki "Moat" kept the plague at bay. Taranaki Regional committee Newsletter, no. 10 Oct 1979.[ Re rat plague in North Taranaki, May 1900]

Research notes re Dudley Rd, BNZ, NZ Red Cross, Inglewood High School, Education, German Polish immigration, Trimble papers, etc. [Folder]

Research notes re Moa Farmers' coop, Development of Inglewood saleyards. etc. [Folder]

B/W print of Inglewood with train, R J Pennington, F Hammond, K P Lawson, Bank of NSW, Vickers & Stevens, D Berry.

B/W print Brown's logging junkers outside Railway Hotel, 1885-1890.

Parochial district of Inglewood financial statements & reports, various years.

75th jubilee: a history of the Moa Dairy Co. 1895-1970. [Some photos removed]

New Zealand All blacks rugby tour souvenir 1888 to 1936, compiled by B M Turner.

B/W print Early Inglewood. First known photo.

  Box 8

Folder - Dorothy Cleary receipts for glory box and trousseau material prior to her marriage to R W Brown.

2 cassettes - Highlights French tests'81; Springbok tour 1981. Replay radio.

Speech re reitrement as Mayor of Inglewood? Draft notes + 2 copies.

Diary, Frank A Brown, 1878.

NZ Historic Places Trust newsletters 7-8, 10, 13, 15, & 17. The Melanesian Mission museum, Hurworth, Old St Paul's.

Report of the NZ Historic Places Trust, 1976.

Moa Coop Dairies annual report, 1982.

The Weekly Record, Sat Mar17, 1900. Xerox copy.

  Box 9

The history of Sandford and Merton. 2v. 1780's. Rebound.

Inglewood United Rugby Football club golden jubilee, 1898-1948, souvenir booklet.

Taranaki photo news, v.19, no 2, Feb19, 1975.

Inglewood Coronation Day programme, 2 Jun 1953.

Folder - newspaper clippings, 1970's.

A short history of the parochial district of St Andrews, Inglewood, by R W Brown. Jan 1969.

2 B/W prints - 4 horses and carriage; group of lumberworkers? incl. William Henry Pearn, William Miles. Envelope.

Menu- Inglwood United Rugby Football Club in assoc with Moa Publications welcomes...Loveridge, master halfback. Nov 5.

  Box 10

B/W print Brown's saw-mill Inglewood, Hursthouse Rd corner. Folder.

The British Isles versus Taranaki, Rugby Park, New Plymouth 8 Jul 1950. [Booklet]

75th jubilee: a history of the Moa Dairy Co 1895-1970.

Centennial '76: 100 years of local government in New Plymouth. Newspaper supp.

the 1st rugby test: pictures from Athletic Park. The Dominion, Mon 16 Aug 1937.

B/W male portrait. E Squire, Hawera photographer.

B/W print Inglewood from Wortley Rd. Jubilee Park on right, Public school in middle.

Letter from Geoff Brown to Robert Brown re visit. 13 Mar 1975. Envelope.

Letter from Miriam Foreman to R W brown re 100 years of history of Inglewood. 7 Mar 1975. Envelope.

Letters (3) re 100 years of history of Inglewood. 1975. Envelope.

Letters (2) re 100 years of history of Inglewood. 1975. Envelope.

B/W postcard Inglewood hockey team. [n.d.]

Rugby football in Inglewood, R W Brown, 1977. Draft, typescript and final copy of [speech]

Lion rugby weekly, souvenir programme v. 23, no.9 Ireland v. New Zealand, Athletic Park, Sat 5 Jun 1976.

B/W print early Inglewood?

NZ Historic Places Trust material. 1977. Te Henui vicarage, Bell House, Pakuranga. Envelope.

B/W print Senior A [football] team, 1970.

B/W print Mr Henry Brown, president of the Inglewood Athletic Club.

B/W print taranaki senior [rugby] championship, 1940.

Photo? Mr F Brown.

B/W print. Second Juniors, 1899. Winners Taranaki Rugby Union championship.

B/W print male.

Establishment of the military redoubt at Pukearuhe, 1865. Typescript.

Matau, 1889-1971, compiled and written by N S Smillie.

NZ Historic Places Trust newsletter, no. 6, Dec 1975.

Order of service held in the Recreation Grounds, Inglewood, in memory of the late R J Seddon, 21 Jun 1906. letter from Dulcie Langlands to RW Brown, re Order of Service pamphlet. Envelope.

Hurworth: why the lone chimney. The Sunday Express, 11 May 1975.

Letter from Lloyd A Robinson to RW Brown re school centenary + school class B/W print of 1906-1915 pupils, + identification of same. Envelope.

British Isles v. NZ, Eden park, 13 Aug 1977, official programme.

  Box 11

Research material re Inglewood public school. Folder.

Proclamation of Inglewood town & other documents. Envelope.

Independent schools will be supported and encouraged. News from National information sheet 12/75.

B/W print Second Juniots, 1899, winners Taranaki Rugby Union championship.

Research material re Air Commodore Sir Geoffrey Roberts. Typescript with notes.

B/W print "Victoria", Henry Brown & 60's tram engine made by Black, Hawthorn & co. 1887, + letter from Kelly Robert? re photo, + 4 negs. Envelope.

  Box 12

Wage book - Biesiek etc. 1931-1941.

A guide to Pompallier House/R M Ross, 1970.

Forever amber, souvenir Ranfurly shield record, 1958-64.

Ranfurly record, the story of two successful Shield tenures.

Moa-Nui Co-operative Dairies Ltd 86th annual report 1981.

Moa Farmers' Co-operative Dairy co. annual reports 1965, 1975-1980.

Souvenir to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Inglewood Methodist church, 1876-1946.

Sacred Heart parish, Inglewood, planned giving programme, 1963.

Souvenir programme opening of new spray milk powder factory, Dec 8, 1972. Moa Farmers' Co-operative.

  Box 13

Carved from the bush: Stratford 1878-1928, the town and district's record of effort.

Research and speece notes re Inglewood history and archive. Folder.

Diary of Zaccheus William Wells, 1 Jan 1861-31 Dec 1864. Covers building his house on Mangorei Rd, now called the homestead. Transcribed 1970.

Norfolk School jubilee, 1879-1969.

Sex and the adolescent girl/NZ Dept of Health.

Parents, the adolescent and sex, the parents' role/NZ Dept of Health.

Sex and the parent/NZ Dept of Health.

The virgin forest harvest and the development of colonial New Zealand/Rollo Arnold, 1976.

Sermon, handwritten in leather folder. n.d.

Polish settlers in Taranaki, 1876-1976.J W Pobog-Jaworowsdki.

Waitoriki, Lincoln and Wortley Rd schools, 80th jubilee, 1880-1960.

The Taranaki archdeaconry, its history and associations, 1859-1955.

Rawhitiroa; collection adn recollections of a pioneer's daughter/Phyllis E Every, nee Wood. 1974. Autographed.

Centennial history of Manaia and Manaia school, 1882-1982/John C Hosie.

Historic and notable trees of New Zealand: Taranaki, Wanganui and Rangitikei-Central North Island/S W Burstall. 1973.

Letter from Susan Maclean to R W Brown re churches designed by Frederick de Jersey Clere. 10 Aug 1989. + Envelope.

Inglewood and Moa district in 1875/Derek W Stewart.

material re Brown's mill including site plan. Folder.

Photos - Henry Handley; V Pepperill & R W Brown; Brown trig station; Tombstone Rev Henry Handley Brown; Man on horsebakc with partially cleared countryside; St Mary's memorial windows; Interior St Mary's church (postcard). Envelope.

Research material re Burton House, Burton Pedwardine. Envelope.

  Box 14

Typescripts for Te Moa, 100 years history of Inglewood, 1875-1975/R W Brown. 4 bundles.

  Box 15

New Zealand Secondary School Boards' Assoc 1973 Conference proceedings.

Newspaper clippings re Inglewood. 1930's, 1960's, 1970's. Folder.

B/W print Inglewood Record newspaper & general printing office with staff? outside. [1920's]

Research material for A short history of the parochial district of St Andrews, Inglewood/R W Brown, 1969. Folder.

Diary [R W Brown, 1945-46?] Exercise book.

Clippings and letters re R W Brown, Frank Brown & Dorothy Brown. Folder.

Henry Brown and Co financial statements 31 Mar 1986.

Clippings etc re Inglewood etc history. Folder

  Box 16

Welbourn, Carrington Rd. Home of Parson Brown and family. Copy of painting by Caroline Brown (colour, 2 copies)

Clipping re Brown/Mackay wedding. Xerox.

Transcript of description of football match between mill hands at Inglewood, May 1890.

Xerox map of Lincolnshire showing Welbourn.

Information from St Mary's records, New Plymouth, 1860-1892. Xerox map and statistics.

Moa Farmers' Co-operative Dairy Co 78th annual report, 1973.

Norfolk School jubilee, 1879-1969.

These hundred acres: the story of Whiteley township, city of New Plymouth/Herbert D Mullon.

English rural unionism and Taranaki immigration, 1871-1876/Rollo Arnold. 1972.

Inglewood Bowling Club 60th jubilee historic review, 1906-1966.

Taranaki, a great experience.

Mt Egmont Alpine Club and Dawson Falls, 50 years history, 1928-1978/Rod Syme.

The Red Cross, building project for the Inglewood sub-centre, Jul-Sep 1971.

Research material re Inglewood. Envelope.

Material re Henry Brown's tramway, Inglewood + transcripts of oral histories with R W Brown and A J Paterson, 1989. Envelope.

Material re Brown jubilee. Envelope.

B/W print of oil bores, New Plymouth.

  Box 17

Hawera District centenary, A P C Bromley. 1981.

New Plymouth observed/The New Plymouth Business & Professional Assoc.

Waitui school 50th anniversary golden jubilee 1903-1953.

Forever amber, souvenir Ranfurly shield record 1958-64.

Minutes, Inglewood kindergarten 15 Nov 1955-22 Aug 1961.

The first fifty years: a jubilee history of the Taranaki Electric Power board, 1922-1972.

Scrapbook, Inglewood kindergarten, 1959-1970.

Taranaki's first railway, A B Scanlan.

Tariki 100, 1880-1980, [Tariki School and Centennial Committee, 1980?]

Build it in stone, by C Turner. Bowl of Brooklands festival 1981, a son et lumiere production programme.

Mr Justice Richmond and the Taranaki war of 1860: a great Judge vindicated, by W Downie Stewart, 1947. + 4 clippings.

Inglewood United Rugby Football Club 75th jubilee, 1-3 June 1973.

Inglewood and the Moa District in 1875 [Derek W STewart, 1969] + clipping.

Excavations at the Omata Stockade, Jan-Feb 1977, Nigel Prickett, 1976.

A Forester's heritage, by John V McIntyre: a century of the Ancient Order of Foresters in Inglewood, 1876-1976.

Land development Taranaki, 1974.

Handbook for guidance of members of Municipal and County Councils, 1969.

St Luke's Tiikorangi, the first 75 years, Ada C Alexander.

International cricket, first test, Australis v. New Zealand, official programme of the Taranaki Cricket Assoc, Mar 3,4,6,7, 1967.

Captain John Guard, 1800-1857, R H Griffin, 1966.

Charles Armitage Brown, buried on Marsland Hill, New Plymouth, B A Norman, 1966.

Marsland Hill, how it received its name, E R Andrews, 1965. cop. 2 - Notes on Marsland hill.

The Maori canoe, B A Norman, 1965. 2 copies.

New Zealand railways to 1900, Charles Rous-Marten, T A McGavin, 1985.

South Taranaki, South Taranaki Information & Promotion Office.

The kauri, felling, snigging, hauling and driving from mountain slopes to tidewater, G G Seccombe, 1966.

B/W prints: 1. Portrait of rugby player. 2. Matai St Inglewood, looking at the old Town Hall. 3. Inglewood, 1876.

  Box 18

The first fifty years of the New Zealand Returned Services Association 1916 to 1966, N P Webber.

School transport boarding bursaries, for the guidance of headteachers, school committees and parents, 1967.

Dung on his boots, Vic Priddle, 19761-72.

Rahui re-awakening, Sjirk Bajema [1980?]

Egmont National Park, A B Scanlan, 1964.

Inglewood United Rugby Football Club, 75th jubilee, 1-3 Jun 1973.

Tall totara, deep gorges: a story of early Taoroa in the Upper Rangitikei, Ina Hair [1980?]

A walk through Taranaki in 1844, Frederick Revan Chapman, 1922.

The Melanesian Mission museum, NZ Historic Places Trust.

Norfolk School jubilee, 1879-1969.

Matau, 1889-1971. Neil S Smillie

painting in Taranaki, 1840-1970, Govett Brewster Art Gallery.

Partington's windmill, Lodestar Press, 1975.

St Paul's Anglican Memorial Church, Wanganui.

Totara Estate,centenary of the frozen meat industry, Martine E Cuff, 1982.

Patea: a centennial history, Margaret Leslie, Livingston Baker and Ina Church. 1981.

Our Taranaki showpiece, Roger Jeakings.

The coming of Maui, Maui Development Ltd.

Regional climate change scenarios, M J Salinger, D M Hicks.

A short history of the parochial district of St Andrews, Inglewood, R W Brown, 1969. + 4 leaves.

Challenge and achievement, 1959-1960, parochial district of St Andrew's Inglewood.

Taranaki Pioneer Village society Inc.

Address by Rev M W Mulcahy re early Catholicism in Taranaki, 13 Oct 1975.

Research notes re Moa Farmers' Club.

Holy Trinity centennial, Stratford, 1890-1990, Ross Falconer.

The Kaponga story, 1882-1982.

Col. print of col. painting of Rugby ball leaving a scrum. [Kieran Crowley holding painting on right]

10 col prints [family?] in envelope.

- Folder. Items fround in Ms611. Contains:

-3 photographs and correspondence relating to air commodore and group captain Roberts, 12 August 1974.

- Research notes, Thomas Potroz.

- Research notes, Gospel Chapel, Brown Street, Inglewood.

- Research notes, bushfires.

- Research notes, the Inglewood Country Women’s Institute.

- Research notes, Bank of New South Wales Inglewood.

-Research notes, reminiscences of M S Kellerwell.

- Research notes, the founding and development of Inglewood, the first thirty years.

- Research notes, badminton history, Inglewood County.

- Research notes, Ratapiko history 91974.

- Research notes, marching in Inglewood.

- Research notes, Inglewood swimming club.

- Various correspondence.

  Box 19

Scrapbook - Borough of Inglewood, 1918-1955. [Fragile]

B/W mounted print - Inglewood's Snider Football team, winners of first shield, 1895.

B/W mounted print - Pirates Football Team.

B/W print mounted - portrait of man [Henry Brown? seen elswhere in collection]

B/W print mounted - Inglewood Athletic Football club's second juniors, 1895.

B/W print mounted - Inglewood School Football Team, 1918.

2 B/W prints mounted - portraits of Fred Spurdle and F Brown, pioneers of rugby football in Inglewood.

  Part 20

Map. Seeing New Zealand by Rail. New Zealand Railways Publicity Branch,

c.1936. Printed on both sides of sheet. North Island and South Island on separate sides.

Relief shown pictorially. Includes brief description of New Zealand and the railway system. Inset: Chart showing tourist routes to New Zealand. Scale of English miles [40 miles to 1 inch]. 365mm H x 232mm W

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This has to be the best collection tracking the history of Inglewood available.

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