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Object Detail

Architectural plans for a commerical building located on the corner of Bridge Street and High Street in Eltham. Created for Charles Anderson Wilkinson in 1913. Includes a concept plan drawn by Frank Messenger [c.1910]. The final plans for the building were drawn by John Duffill. The building was completed in 1914.
Messenger, Francis John
Duffill, John Alfred
Primary Maker
Frank Messenger
John Alfred Duffill
Production Date
Circa 1910

Archive Contents


1. W27 Plan showing floor plans, elevations and sections. Created by John Duffill. 'H/16' written in bottom left quadrant. Scale 8 feet to 1 inch.

2. W27.1 Sketch of building showing ground floor plan, first floor plan and front elevation. Created by Frank Messenger. 'H/16' written in bottom left quadrant. Scale 16 feet to 1 inch. Pencil sketch showing details on reverse.

3. W27.2 Sketch showing floor plan, front elevations and section. Created by J.A. Duffill. An adhesive label with 'H/16' written on it affixed to bottom left quadrant. Scale 8 feet to 1 inch.

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