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Object Detail

Architectural plans for a sharemilkers cottage and residence in Ohangai. Created by architects Duffill and Gibson for Mr. J.E. O'Shea in 1921.
Rough & Duffill
Primary Maker
Rough & Duffill
Production Date
May 1921

Archive Contents


1. O11 Plan for a one-storey, two bedroom sharemilker's cottage - showing floor plan, elevations and sections. Plan created by Duffill & Gibson. Plan dated 19 May 1921. '149' and 'E39' written in bottom left quadrant. Scale 1/8 inch to 1 foot.

2. O11.1 Plan for the additions and alterations to a residence showing existing and proposed floor plans, elevation and sections. Plan created by J.A. Duffill. '149' written in bottom left quadrant. Scale 8 feet to 1 inch.

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