Kerr, Len

Len Kerr was a well known New Plymouth baker. He was also organist and choir master at St Mary's Church, New Plymouth. 1955 - 1987.
The collection consists of 21 reels presumed to hold music played by Len Kerr.

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  Part 1

Seven inch spools:

1. Unidentified spool in red EMI Tape box

2. Unidentified spool in green irish double play box

3. Spool (no box) with 2 notes tucked into the spool. Possibly includes a recording of Miss Constance Leatham and Mary Anderson (both of New Plymouth) and music played by Len Kerr.

4. Unidentified spool, no box, short length of tape.

Five inch spools:

5. Unidentified spool, no box

6. Unidentified spool, no box

7. Unidentified spool, no box

8. Unidentified spool, no box

9. Unidentified spool, no box

10. Unidentified spool, no box

11. Unidentified spool, no box. short length of tape

12. Spool, no box, with a note tucked into spool. Possibly includes singing and piano by Len Kerr and John Lay

13. Spool inside a round red and cream case, with two notes. Possibly includes Russian songs performed by Len Kerr and Ken Liggett.

14. Spool in a EMI Hi-dynamic plastic case. Note inside indicates it is a recording made of a St Mary's broadcast

15. Spool in Rolatape box. Two notes inside indicate this is a recording of music

16. Spool in BASF box. One note in box indicates that this is a recording of Len Kerr playing the organ at Whiteley Church, New Plymouth, Leonard Blaike at Christchurch Cathedral, Alex Ramsey in ? and others

17. Unidentified spool in a Mastertape box

18. Spool in an Emitape box. Note indicates that on one side of the tape is the Battle Hymn of Republic and on the other St Mary's organ, Hymns, Ave Maria and How Great Thou Art.

19. Spool in a Rolatape box. Note the names of songs. No performers mentioned.

20. Spool in a Scotch Magnetic Recording Tape box. Note indicates this is a recording of Bruce Lay playing St Mary's organ and performances by the Salvation Army Band, the National Band. The Wellington Citadel Salvation Army Band. Names mentioned are Len Kerr, Kennith Liggett and others

Three inch spools:

21. Spool in a Mastertape box. Bruce Lay playing the St Mary's old organ

22. Unidentified Spool in a BASF box.

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