The Country Women's Institute (CWI) or Women's Institute as it was known up to 1952, was designed to provide country women with support and education. The CWI promoted home crafts, music, drama, arts and crafts and encouraged an active role in rural life.
The North Taranaki District Federation of Country Women's Institutes is the umbrella organisations for the many CWI branches throughout the region.
The collection contains the records of the Executive Committee and a number of defunct branches.
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  Box 1

Executive Minutes. 1932 – 1977

  Box 2

Executive minutes 1977 - 1983

Roll calls and Exec Meeting attendances 1935-49

Minutes of Annual and 1/2 annual meetings 1940-46, 1951-


North Taranaki Council meeting mins 1973-1977

Folder 1. Miscellaneous correspondence and CWI prayer.

Folder 2. Miscellaneous agenda and meeting papers,

handbook (1985), constitution (1985), song/prayer leaflet.

Combined Womens' Institute Group minutes. 1932 - 1938

Oakura CWI minutes 1978

Te Moa CWI minutes 1977 – 1980

  Box 3

Dudley CWI - Minutes 1948-72 and Annual minutes 1953-1977

Bell Block CWI minutes of monthly and annual meetings 1948 - 1959

Radio scripts 1949-56

Broadcasting sib committee 1949-1955

Drama Festivals 1949 - 1951

Arts festivals 1967 - 1976

Winter Show - 1983

Minute book. Taranaki Federation of Women's Institutes, May 1932 - October 1939.

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