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Oral history. Shirley Adams talks with Peggy Jones (nee McIntyre) about her memories of marching. Peggy talks of the formation of the Kilties Marching teams, trips away for competitions, fund raising, training etc
Part of a collection of interviews in which former marchers share their memories. Recorded at her home July 4th 2002.

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0.1 Introductory information by Shirley Adams (interviewer)

1.1 (Tape initially blurred for a few seconds) Probably because she was a dancer Peggy was asked to lead McKenzies' Marching Team. She lists the other teams that also commenced then. When McKenzies' disbanded in about 1942, Peggy formed her own team, The New Plymouth Kilties.

2.9 She lists all the times and places at which they marched, including Pukekura Park, a competitions centre and Ngamotu Beach Maadi Gra.

4.0 They were often billeted and as there were no sponsorships, they raised funds themselves with garden parties, raffles (details given) and charges for performing.

5.4 They accompanied the Highland Pipe Band at Pukekura Park where Peggy swung the mace as leader. Details are given as regards this accomplishment. Father converted his Ford Truck for traveling away in comfort.

7.3 Previously she was Peggy McIntyre. The dedicated team practiced at the Park at 6.30am. She describes the work and the after-job practice. Peggy and her sister also ran the State Theatre sweet shop. It was more than a 12-hour day.

8.9 She was involved with the Maori Concert Party and Highland dancing and mentions the Harmonic Band and twin sister Gloria.

9.5 The marching team was close-knit and grouped together at Agricultural Dances. They were all dedicated and there was no squabbling.

10.3 Two coaches are mentioned including well-known military man E. (Jumbo) Rowe who watched from the Terraces. Nor were they immune from military swear words. An amusing story is told re the swearing and a concerned woman from a house overlooking the Park. They were very particular about pacing and arm-levels. The Kilties did well. Peggy gives some details as regards their top placing and championships.

13.0 She describes the markers' duties in detail mentioning Ruth Goodwin. Other team members are mentioned. Stand-ins were easily obtainable.

14.8 They practiced in Pukekura Park Oval. It was dreadful when marching after A. & P. Shows. She describes this and a story of a dropped mace in the cattle manure.

16.4 Peggy describes the uniform, footwear and gloves in detail. Buttonhooks were needed for the spats. Great pride was taken in the uniform.

19.0 The trophies are discussed, New Zealand, North Island and Taranaki competitions. The New Zealand Marching Union was military strict.

19.8 They marched to Brass Bands and the Pipes. It was usually 'Scotland the Brave' at the Park.

20.5 Discipline was excellent. Peggy was held in a lot of respect by the team. Only seven Kilties are left now. They are now all in their seventies.

21.7 She mentions her daughter now a doctor, gives her views on modern dancing which is less military and more like dancing. Girls are not as dedicated as they once were.

24.8 Peggy recalls the Pukekura terraces packed with people. All the music is recorded now and different tempos are used. She describes Jumbo Rowe's face.

26.4 A doctor could always spot a marching girl walking down the street. This exercise aspect is discussed in more detail.

27.6 Where there funny incidents? There were some as it was not all doom and gloom.

28.5 Peggy recalls how the heat affected them when standing still. The McKenzie uniform is mentioned. She has a lot of pride in the past.

29.5 The team once missed out on a trip to Australia, the tale is told of how they were taken in and all the funds they had raised had disappeared. In spite of their disappointment they soldiered on and won their next event, the New Zealand Championship.

They were New Zealand champions three times.

In the 1959 - 1960's the girls got married and they broke up.

Mrs Jury made their costumes

(Tape ends before narration finished)

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Date 4 July 2002

Interviewer Shirley Adams

Abstraction Floss Lambert

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