Eagles, Colleen

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Oral history. Shirley Adams interviews Colleen Eagles about her involvement in the Roebuck's marching team.
Recorded at her home during a gathering of fellow marchers on Aug 15th 2002.

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0.1 Introduction by Shirley Adams (interviewer)

1.1 Colleen (team member 1946 - 1949) went along with two girls and always loved marching. She gives details of the first ever team in Wellington (1932). Roebuck's was formed in 1941. Details are given. All expenses were paid by their sponsor.

3.1 The first team names are listed by Colleen and newcomers are also mentioned through the years, including Joyce Campbell their instructor. In 1949 the team had a complete change of members.

4.6 They were a polished team, their foremost rival team being Kilties, even though they often travelled together quite amicably. Colleen recalls the tragic loss of a competition by 1 point because their whistle broke!

5.4 They travelled in a truck driven by Neville to Taihape, Ohakune, Stratford, Wanganui and Auckland. A sore point was the Labour Day Cup competition. Details are given.

6.4 A search was made for this wooden cup for the Marching Reunion, but sadly it had been destroyed, burnt in a garage fire.

6.7 Colleen describes Roebuck's black and white uniform. Later boots and smart white gloves were added. There was only one button hook for the whole team to do up the spats, a task that took a long time!

8.7 At one stage the team tried playing basketball during the winter to keep fit, but outdoor basketball was too rough on the girls and they soon gave up.

9.2 A typical day described. Rules were very strict. There was no drink allowed. The girls were always in groups, there were no chaperones. If billeted in a hotel, there was always a friend as well and visiting bars was out.

10.8 Colleen does not remember any personal input as regards their uniform. Mrs Clark, Mrs Lynch and Mrs Braybrooke made uniforms.

11.4 Jock Campbell and Jumbo Rowe, the coaches, were a lot of fun. Colleen describes some practical jokes played on the coaches. Coaching sessions described.

13.9 It was military style marching and there was no music for practices. It was all done by 'pacing'. This is described in detail as are leaders and markers.

15.7 Music however was not difficult to march to. They preferred Pipe Band music. Both Brass Band and Pipes were used. Scotland the Brave was a favourite tune.

16.6 Taihape and Ohakune (dry areas) are remembered. Details of these trips and some amusing incidents of being offered 'sly grog'. Very hospitable people lived in these areas, the girls did not drink. The team arrived back in New Plymouth at 8am on a Monday and went straight to work!

20.0 A visit to Wanganui, being un-chaperoned the team members got up to some mischief.

21.0 Incident at Stratford when rotten duck eggs were thrown at the team by children. At Hamilton when three girls got lost and were picked up by the Police and returned to the team by Police car.

22.5 Colleen says they have lots of memories and made their own fun. They never really got into trouble.

23.3 Reunion in 1996 at Kawaroa Park. Colleen had no daughters who participated in marching. Mentions that marching was good for discipline and doctors always said they could pick a marching girl by her fitness and health.

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Date 17 August 2002

Interviewer Shirley Adams

Abstraction Floss Lambert

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