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Shirley Adams interviews Jeannette Morrison of Inglewood on Aug 15th 2002. Jeanette shares has memories of marching with the Vanguard Marching team of Inglewood.
Recorded on 15th Aug 2002 at the home of Peggy Nelson in Hinau Street, Inglewood during a get-together of former team members Collette Bendall, Jeanette Morrison and Lesley Herlihy.

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Research copy. Tape 1 Side A

0.1 Introductory information by interviewer.

0.8 Jeanette was not an original member of the marching team but joined a few weeks later. She recalls a Sports Day in the Jubilee Park and wearing basketball uniforms of different lengths and the nervousness. She was only 16. It was the start however of wonderful friendships and camaraderie which have continued for over 50 years. They all attended each other's weddings too.

2.4 She marched for only 18 months and then she became Secretary of the Inglewood Marching Association and delegate to the Taranaki Centre. Working from a caravan she recorded marching sessions and championships and describes the complicated procedure without computers and adding machines. If uncompleted, records had to be taken home, typed and posted to individual teams.

3.9 Jeanette then coped with the North Island and New Zealand Championships over the next 3-5 years.

4.1 Then came marriage and the end of marching recording. Her contribution was part of her life and a great discipline that left her with a feeling of achievement. She has no medals but has had a lot of fun.

5.0 Recollections are - Pauline who was always late for 7am practice; dances and cabarets for fund-raising; businesses passing on donations for buses and uniforms; grants from the Greatest Show on Earth and raffles; spinning wheels and illegal gambling in the Town Hall for funds.

6.7 She also mentions Skellern Motors and driver Noel Reesby, also a coach. Recalls meeting so many different people and judges etc., all great fun and so dedicated - perhaps not so today. Much time was spent in practicing to attain the New Zealand standard of perfection.

7.9 Looking at old photos reminds Jeanette that some of them have passed on and she remembers those who didn't know left from right and had other mannerisms which had to be eliminated.

8.9 Nerves played a big part in marching. Tears, tenseness, excitement and disappointment were common especially with the Midgets, but no doubt they all got used to this in the end.

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I do remember Jeanette Morrison, her maiden name was Payntor I think that is the correct spelling, her father was Owen Payntor who founded Inglewood Motors, who may father Jock Woodward worked for, for many years. I also remember as a small girl the Vanguard Marching Team.

- Barbara Woodward posted 6 years ago.

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