Includes a diary of the voyage from the Shetlands to New Zealand 1879 - 1880 on board the ship Eastminster, a family history written by Onekura Minarapa Geoffrey Hughson and jubilee publications for Hughson's family business .
Typescripts of speeches including 'Colonial Life' from a diary of Thomas Pole Hughson describing his experiences with the Armed Constabulary at Opunake.
Testimonials by Thomas Hughson. Death notices and eulogies for Jane Hughson and James Pole Hughson.
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  Part 1

Diary of Thomas Pole Hughson of the voyage from the Shetland to New Zealand 1879 - 1880 on board the ship Eastminster. (ms.)

The history of the Hughson family : Shetland - New Zealand by Onekura Minarapa Geoffrey Hughson. c1960

Hughson's Golden Jubilee, Opunake Drapery.

Hughson's Centennial 1880 - 1980.

  Part 2

Folder 1 Typescripts and Birth certificate.

Copy of birth certificate for Charles Andrew Duncan Hughson, born at Gossabrough, East Yell, 23 June 1864 .

Typescript. Diary. A sketch of a voyage from Shetland to New Zealand 1879 - 80.

Typescript. Colonial Life from a diary of Thomas Pole Hughson describes his experiences with the Armed Constabulary at Opunake.

Typescript. Historical Sketch re West Coast Taranaki Methodist Mission by Thomas Pole Hughson.

Typescript. Address by T. P. Hughson Snr, Chairman of Hughson's Ltd, to combined staff from Rahotu, New Plymouth, Patea and Opunake stores. 1939.

Address from the funeral of Mrs Jane Hughson 1945.

Extract from newspaper re death of James Pole Hughson 1953

The testimonial of a God Guided Life by T. P. Hughson.

Speech notes from Hughson Staff Reception 1939.

  Part 3

Folder 2 Manuscript memoranda, note and letters.

Memorandum and note. 1893 and 1896. Miss Catherine Hughson, re her time as a probationer and nurse with the Taranaki District Hospital and Charitable Aid Board. (2 items)

Letters to Charles from Hugh Hughson 1904, 1905 and 1907. (3 items)

Sheet of mss notes from a diary.

Letter from Rene to Doug Hughson 1979 re notes on family history

  Digital file

PDF. Transcript. Historical Sketch re Early Settlement of the West Coast.

Special Reference to Rahoutu by Thomas Pole Hughson Senior. Transcribed by Julie Green.

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There are Hughsons in my family tree - Laurence Hughson 1801 1886 - this is on my materla grandmother's side from the small island of Out Skerries in Shetland. My mother always maintained the hughsons came to skerries from Norway (Hugh Noble) to salvages gold from the Kennermerland or the De Leifde, both Dutch East Indiaman ships wrecked on the Out Skerries.

- Kenny Gifford

Posted on 29-11-2018 08:14:17