The papers include a transport journal HM Transport No 25, 5th Re-enforcements 2nd NZEF; 1939 - 45 soldier's paybook for 42555 Raymond Lewis Stone; a collection of postcards including some McIntyre paintings; souvenir tickets; allied army guide books etc, all of which were collected by Mr Stone while he was in Egypt and Italy during the World War II.
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  Part 1

1. Soldier's pay book for use on active service. 42555 Stone, R. L. 1941 - 1945.

2. Army certificates and receipts issued to R. L. Stone.

3. Postcards. French (8) and Collection of Peter McIntyre paintings (12).

4. Christmas cards, labels and tickets.

5. Tickets. Railway, tram and Cinema, some annotated.

6. Photographs (2) R. L. Stone at the Pyramids, Egypt. Postcards and 7. Photographs (6) of cruise liners. Envelope addressed to B. E. Tone, New Plymouth.

8. Photograph negatives (6). Unidentified.

9. Allied army guidebooks to Rome, Damascus, Cairo and Jerusalem.

War record. Wellington : Govt. Printer, 1946.

10. Magazine of H.M. Transport no. 25 . Printed by the Times of Ceylon Co., [1941?].

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