The history gives an outline of the building of various swimming pools in Eltham and the beginnings of the club. Carnivals, water polo are mentioned along with various individuals who have contributed to the club.
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I taught myself to swim in 1942 as a 14 year and the next year I joined the Eltham Swimming club. I managed to win the Points Cup for the next four years starting as a Junior, 2 years Intermediate and one year senior. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the club and still remember Mr Roberts and the work he did for the club. I left Eltham in September 1946 to live in New Plymouth and joined the Fitzroy Surf Club. I was lucky enough to win the Flanaghan Cup in 1950. I am now 89 years old and with a bit of luck I hope to get to be 100 years old.

- Margaret Hawkins. nee Crombie.

Posted on 20-10-2017 08:43:52