A sales poster of the subdivision and sale of land known as the Sunnyrise Estate which was situated in upper Vogeltown - also known as the 'Town of Saxton'. 1912
A cadastral survey of the Sunnyrise Estate drawn by A.E. Christian. 27 July 1926. Includes annotations.
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  Part 1

Plan of Sunnyrise Estate, Vogeltown. To be sold by Messres L A Nolan & Co... Nov 27th 1912 at 8p.m. Annotated in pencil sith section numbers and prices.

  Part 2

As for item 1. Further subdivisions and sections are annotated in pencil.

  Part 3

Plan of Sunnyrise Estate being Subs 15, 16, 17, 18 & 19, Town of Saxton... drawn by A E Christian 27 July 1926. Annotated in pencil

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