Oral history. Alison Robinson talks with Doreen Mackay (nee Rowe) of 21 Clifford Road, Eltham on 5th May 2000, who working in Stratford Hospital as a Maternity Nurse 1961 - 1966 and again in 1979 - 1989. She describes Mr Penn (Hospital accountant) and tells of a practical joke in his office. She began Maternity nurse training at Avon aged 20 years and talks of the strict rules, work duties, conditions and interaction with other staff. She describes the routines and talks of the babies she looked after. She talks of single mothers and adoptions. Also of stillbirths, 'Rooming in' with babies and the effect the La Leche League had on breast feeding.
Recorded as part of Alison's research into her publication Stratford Hospital Memories (Interview No 56). No abstract has been made. An edited transcript is available.
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