Oral history. Alison Robinson talks with Reverend Doug and Jan Earp on the 22nd February 1990. Doug talks of his ministry in the Eltham Co-operating Parish. He was the second minister in the co-operating parish and he talks of interdenominational worship, the church in Kaponga and Manaia, Life in the Spirit Seminars and other evangelical work. Jan joins the conversation. They talk of various people within the parish and the chruch work done. Doug talks of the ritual of baptism, church music, family groups and the Parish Council
Part of a collection of interviews recording the history of the Eltham Co-operating Parish. An edited transcript is available. No abstract has been made.
Robinson, Alison Margaret
Primary Maker
Alison Robinson
Production Date
22 February 1990

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Research copy. 1 audio tape.

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Master tape.

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