Alison Robinson has produced several local histories including: The Ngaere Story (1982), Central Taranaki Methodists (1991), Women and Children (1993), Stratford Hospital Memories (2001) and was also a co writer of Merle Crawford's autobiography titled Out of My System (1996). All publications are based on oral history interviews recorded by Alison Robinson.
The greater collection consists of copies of interviews (recorded on audio cassettes) and related papers, as well as other research papers.
For easy of access, all papers relating to this collection have been kept together, and the audio cassettes have been entered as 'parts of the collection" each having their own individual unique identifying number.
Indexing - Names - The names added to the names list are for written interviews only. All recorded interviews have been catalogued as individual items.
Robinson, Alison Margaret
Primary Maker
Alison Robinson
Production Date

Archive Contents

  Box 1

Folder 1: Finnerty Road School and District 75th Jubilee 1992.

Papers including clippings, letters, notes etc relating to the Finnerty Road / Lowgarth district.

Folder 2. Malone family. Papers, letters and copies of documents relating to the Malone family of Stratford

Folder 3: Williams Family. Papers, letters and notes relating to the Williams family

Folder 4. Lowgarth Farmers' Union 1900; Ngarere Farmers; Union Federated Farmers 1934 - 1985 ) and Eltham Farmers' Union 1902

Typed notes

Folder 5. Finnerty Road School and Lowgarth District - Transcripts and stories. Notes taken during conversations also transcripts of sections of interviews etc with a covering letter from Alison Robinson.

Folder 6. Eltham Co-operating Parish

Clippings, notes and misc papers. Including 'Growing Up Near Ruapehu' by Tom Thomson.

Folder 7. Stratford Jersey Cattle Club. Mss for booklet pub 1985

Folder 8. Salvation Army and the Eltham Boys Home I. Clippings, notes and misc papers.

  Box 2

Folder 9. Salvation Army and the Eltham Boys Home II. Mss copy of 'The Salvation Army in Stratford and Eltham 1893 - 1993 (1st Draft?)

Folder 10. Salvation Army and the Eltham Boys Home II. Mss copy of 'The Salvation Army in Stratford and Eltham 1893 - 1993 (2nd draft?)

Folder 11. Salvation Army and the Eltham Boys Home II. Mss copy of 'The Salvation Army in Stratford and Eltham 1893 - 1993 (Final Draft?)

Folder 12. Women and Children First I. Book - edited by Alison Robinson 1993

Folder 13. Women and Children First II. Research papers and correspondence.

Folder 14. Hawera Main School Centennial I. Research notes and newspaper articles.

  Box 3

Folder 15. Hawera Main School Centennial II. Research notes

Folder 16. Central Taranaki Methodists I. Notes on interviews 1989 - 1991

Folder 17. Central Taranaki Methodists II. Manaia Methodist Curcuit. The Messenger 1958 - 1960

Folder 18. Central Taranaki Methodists III. Inglewood Uniting Parish

Folder 19. Central Taranaki Methodists IV. Patea Methodists

Folder 20. Central Taranaki Methodists V. Publications

Folder 21. Central Taranaki Methodists VI. Hawera Wesley Methodists

Folder 22. Central Taranaki Methodists VII. Organ tuition with Harry Brown 1986 - 87

  Box 4

Folder 23. Central Taranaki Methodists VIII. Misc papers

Folder 24. Stratford Hospital Memories I. Mss for the book. Interviews 1 - 44 (typescript)

Folder 25. Stratford Hospital Memories II. Mss for the book. Interviews 45 - 79 (missing 59 and 68) (typescript)

Folder 26. Stratford Hospital Memories III. Mss for the book. Interviews 80 - 106 + index (typescript)

Folder 27. Stratford Hospital Memories IV. Misc papers, letters, clipping etc

  Box 5

Folder. Newspaper clippings, photocopy of the minutes of the Ngaire Butter Packing Company 1889 - 1891, letter re Walker family of Ngaere. Photograph possibly Brown's Mill, Ngaere. Photograph 'Old Ngaere schoolhouse". Typed excerpts from the Egmont Star. 20 June 1985. Excerpts from a letter from Gordon Saunders. 19 August 1981. Typescript phone conversation with Mrs Vic Lehmann (Nee Blair) 19 February 1982

Folder. Transcripts of taped interviews and phone conversations created for the 'Ngaere Story' publication.

  Box 6

Draft text for Taranaki Men Talk and More Taranaki Talk.

Newspaper clippings.

Accession No


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