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Two notebooks, entitled 'Notes of a Journey'. The first contains eleven illustrations, three of them in colour, drawn during Smith's 1858 journey from Taranaki to the Taupo and Rotorua districts. There are also three maps indicating the route taken on the journey.
The second notebook is a written account printed by the Taranaki Herald in 1858 as 'Notes of a Journey from Taranaki to Mokau, Taupo, Rotomahana, Tarawera, and Rangitikei' by Smith. This is William Seffern's personal copy which was later presented to the Carnegie free Library, New Plymouth.
Smith, Stephenson Percy
Smith, Stephenson Percy
Primary Maker
S. Percy Smith
S. Percy Smith
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Archive Contents

  Part 1

Notebook. 'Notes of a Journey' plus written account (S.Percy Smith) printed by the Taranaki Herald in 1858.

  Part 2


Looking up the Mokau River (water colour)

Looking up the Mokau River (pencil sketch)

Pa of Pukawa Lake Taupo looking south (pencil sketch)

Pukawa Lake Taupo (ink wash)

Waihi Falls, Lake Taupo (pencil sketch)

Tongariro & Ruapehu from Taupo (ink wash)

Roto-mahana from Owhana (pencil sketch)

Lake Tarawera from Te Mu (water colour)

Okareko Lake (water colour)

Nga-ru-how, 3 mile distant (pencil sketch)

Ruapehu from Rangepo (pencil sketch)

Sketch Map of the Mokau River and Part of the Country towards Taupo (ink and water colour)

Sketch of the track from Taupo to Rangitikei (ink and water colour)

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