Chatham Island

Production date
Circa 1853
The collection consists of two parts. It includes an early map of the Chatham Island/Wharekauri titled Toenga, Wi Te Tahuhu, Pamariki. This shows a very roughly sketched map noting changes in land ownership etc. During a visit to the Taranaki Museum in 1988, Ron Scarlett, historian and paleontologist made notes about the plan and the people named in it.
The second part of the collection consists of a native pass or character reference for Raumoa, chief of Chatham Island 185[3?] written by Charles von Alzdforf. Also included is a transcription by Mary Reid, 1985.
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Production date
Circa 1853
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  Part 1

1. Manuscript map of Chatham Island showing traditional names of sites, sale or lease of land and prices.

2. Notes made by Ron Scarlett 1988 in response to seeing item 1.

3. A character reference from Rev. Samuel Ironside for Raumoa, a Chief of the Chatham Islands, used during a visit to Taranaki to see friends 1859.

4. Transcript of item 3.

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The date of 1859 for the letter written by Charles von Alzdforf should be 1853. Alzdorf was the only casualty of the 1855 Wellington Earthquake and died when his throat was cut b a broken mirror when his hotel collapsed. Alzdorf had visited the Chathams in 1843 to try and recover money owing to him by McLatchie in relation to the Okawa whaling station. In your first image of the map, Tamariki should be recorded as Pamariki (Pamariki Roaumoa was a leading Ngati Tama chief who returned to Taranaki in 1868)

- Bill Carter posted 6 years ago.

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