A compilation of miscellaneous information on interments at St Mary's Church cemetery 1862-63 ( prior to the Public Cemetery Ordinance), a transcript of burials in the area from the Butler Index , information on the Upjohn grave, Mangorei Road and notes compiled by Insull on early settlers.
cemeteries within New Plymouth and District.
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1. Mss notes on claims of interments at St Mary's Church cemetery 1862-63 ( prior to the Public Cemetery Ordinance). Some entries have been signed by Chas Brown, Superintendent of New Plymouth. Also a list of claimants and the name of their relation already interned in the church grounds.

2. Transcript from the Butler Index - re interments at Church of England Cemetery, Devon Rd Cemetery, Devonport, Grey Institution, Henui, Huirangi, Hurdon, Katere, Mangaone, Mission cemetery, New Chapel Ground, Dr Rawson's farm, Primitive Methodists, Manutahi, Moturoa, Puketotara, Public Cemetery, Rangirieru Poutoko, Raeonuti, Taoruti, Te Horopuriri, Te Puia, Waimana, Waitapu, Waiwakaiho, Wesleyan Cemetery. Lists the name of person interned, parents names, own or father's occupation, place of burial, when born, when buried, by whom.

3. Copy of letter from Museum to R Smith re Upjohn grave, Mangorei Road.

4. Copy from Insull - notes on early settlers. Gives name, ship arrived on, occupation, place of origin, date of birth and year of death and other notes. Cemeteries include Henui, Hurdon,Omata, Waireka, Bell Block, St Mary's etc.

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