Josiah Flight was born in Devonshire in 1800 and came to New Zealand on the Timandra in 1842 with his wife Sarah Anne and child Anne (Annie). His two younger daughters Sarah and Katie were born in New Plymouth. Josiah was one of the first Justices of the Peace and was appointed Resident Magistrate and Coroner of the district in 1852. He is recorded as having land in Weekstown (now known as Strandon) on the corner of Nobs Line and Devon Road and later they were one of the first families to settle in the Bell Block area, near the Mangaoraka Stream.
The Flight family are credited with introducing the first sheep and European fruit to the new settlement.
The papers include two of Anne Flight's journals, June-July 1838 and Oct 1841-Oct 1842, Sarah Flight's journal, April 1862-March 1863, correspondence between various members of the family and fellow settlers, and genealogical notes.
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Archive Contents

  Folder 1

1. Transcript of birth certificate, letters, extracts from diaries taken from the collections in the Taranaki Museum and the Alexander Turnbull Library, compiled by Joan Harris, 1980.

  Folder 2

2. Honeymoon notebook. 26 May 1836. Written by Josiah Flight.

  Folder 3

3. Occasional diary of Anne Flight. Aug. 23 - 29 1838. Includes description of a visit to Yeovil.

  Folder 4

4. Diary. Anne Flight 1841 - 1842. Includes the journey to New Zealand on the ship Timandra.

  Folder 5

5. Folder. Papers

Birth certificate of Josiah Flight ;

Newspaper advertisment for Dr. Gill's sermons with annotation. Draft of reply to a letter in newspaper, undated and unsigned. Has Acquisition no. 2084 E. Crompton Smith 7/8/1986 in top right corner.

Last will of Edward Gill Flight, Cardiff, brother of Josiah Flight. 15 Dec. 1825. ; Poetry, My dear little Sarah... initialed J.F.

Letter to Anne Devenish from her brother.

Sample of thread from Flight Linen factory.

Poetry, The happiest hours... initialed J.F.

Letter. To Misses M. V. A. Devenish from H. Flight. 25 Jan.

Note containing either directions or family connections (possibly part of a letter)

Letter. To Mrs Kelly from Samuel Glyde. 8 Sept. 1867

Judgement on case Callaghan v. Kelly. 10 Dec. 1872 re John Kelly and debts owing The Cape Egmont Flax Drying Company Ltd.(p. 96)

Letter. To Annie Kelly from John Kelly, Opunake. 14 June 1870

Letter. To Maggie from Annie Kelly, The Pines. 19 July

Letter. To Margaret Watson, New Plymouth from Susie Kelly. 16 Jan. 1910

Letter. My dear niece from Thomas Kelly, New Plymouth. 13 June 1910

Letter. My dear niece from Thomas Kelly 1 Nov. 1909 (on Legislative Council paper)

  Folder 6

6. Folder. Poetry, Letters

Note re Flight coat of Arms retained temporarily by Joan Harris(?). Undated.

Letter. To Mrs Flight from Josiah Flight, Broad Winsor, 9 Sept. 1838. (Transcript p. 5,has second page of letter transcribed and information about postmark, envelope and second page not in collection)

Poetry. My dear little Anne... initialed J. F., Mangorei, June 24 1849 ; Poetry. The passing moments...

Letter. To Anne Flight from S. F. Devenish, Huish, 4 Oct. 1841

Letter. To Josiah from Thomas Flight, Bridport 31 Oct. 1841

Letter. To Anne Flight from her mother. Undated.

  Folder 7

7. Folder. Accounts (transcript p.43 - 44, 49 - 50) from the 1850's

  Folder 8

8. Folder. Poetry and letters (transcript p. 47 -48, 52 - 53)

Poetry. The true blue candidate

When Hulke has learned the truth...

Song. When McLean comes up ;

Poetry. My dear Donald McLean...

Letter. To Mrs Flight from Gibson Kirke Turton, 5 Jan. 1857

Letter. To Mr Flight from Donald McLean, 5 Aug. 1856.

  Folder 9

9. Envelope. Letters (transcript p. 92 - 94, 98, 100)

Letter. To dear Mamma and Annie (last pages missing) from Sarah Flight. Undated

Letter. To Anne from Josiah at New Plymouth, 24 Feb. 1872

Letter To Anne from Josiah at New Plymouth 2 Mar. 1872

Letter. To my dear little daughter (addressed to Miss Kelly) from Mamma. Monday eve.

Letter. To My dear Mamma from Your loving daughter M. A. F. Kelly

Letter. To Anne from Josiah Flight, 9 Apr. 1879

Letter. To Annie from Josiah Flight, 27 Mar. 1880(?)

Letter. To Anne from Josiah 5 Mar. 1872

Photocopied newspaper clipping (folder 9) transferred from J. S. Smith collection (ARC2001-287)

  Folder 10

10. Folder.Letters, land records

Momento. Lines composed by Henry Jesse of the 57th Regiment and recited by G. R. Waugh, Lieutenant, 57th Regiment

Memorandum from Sarah Anne Flight listing presents to be made to her children and grandchildren. 1 Sept. 1884 (insect damaged)

Letter in Maori from Putu Heihi(?) to Rangi and note to Captain Kelly. 14 Nov. 1892

Letter. To Mrs Flight from Mrs Rebecca Madden, written on mourning paper. 16 July

Taranaki Military Settlers' Land Order no. 612 for James O'Brien for 50 acres in the Okato District 16 Jan. 1867

Taranaki Military Settlers' Land Order no. 656 for Hugh Lynch for 50 acres in the Okato District 4 Feb. 1867

Deed. Conveyance of rural allotments no. 53 and 84 Okato District from J. O'Brien to Miss S. G. Flight. 30 Sept. 1870.

  Folder 11

11. Envelope.

Sarah Flight's diary 1862 - 1863

Letter. To Annie Flight from J. Whiteley 9 Aug. 1862

15 envelopes used to house collection Ms201

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