Charles Armitage Brown emigrated to New Zealand with his son Charles Brown. Charles Armitage Brown died in 1843 and was buried on Marsland Hill which at that time was designated cemetery reserve.
Charles Brown (junior) went on to play an important role in the development of the new settlement. He was an officer in the local militia and representative in parliament.
Copies of papers relating to Charles Armitage Brown and Charles Brown Jun's voyage to New Zealand 1841, two wills for Charles Armitage Brown and a statement or identity for Charles Armitage Brown 1843.
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1. Special memorandum re land and passage to New Zealand for Charles Brown the elder and Charles Brown the younger. Dated March 1st 1841. ref: Plymouth Company ms papers 2543 ATL

2. Copy of the last will and testament of Charles Brown senior 1842. ref Justice Courts, Wellington ref 1843/1880 probates number 1 new ref AAOM-6029/1

3. draft for new will 11 April 1842 for Charles Brown. Ref as for item 2

4. Statement by Charles jun re identity of Charles Brown senior. November 1843. Ref: as for items 2 and 3.

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