Samuel Russell Feaver was born in 1878 in England and came to NZ in 1895 as part of a family unit and settled in Opunake. During his life he was a farmer, pharmacist, veterinary surgeon and photographer. He died in 1946.
A collection of papers including poetry, genealogical notes, an open letter by Samuel Russell Feaver regarding family matters etc.
Production Date
Circa 1900-1986
Subject Person

Archive Contents

  Part 1

1) Poetry Irish Jubilee. Typescript. written by Pat Rogers with apologies to Sam Feaver for errors and omissions 1p

2) Poetry The hour is late... by Helena Feaver. Photocopy of mss. 2pp

3) Cartoon with explanation. photocopy of original drawing

4) Poetry The Teapot Bearer by Samuel Russell Feaver, photocopy of mss 1p

5) Notes - Sam Feaver, photocopy of mss, 1p

6) Confessions and Reflections - An Open Letter written by Samuel Feaver 1908, photocopy of mss 41pp

7) Genealogical notes. Photocopy of mss 5pp

8) Samuel R Feaver's obituary 1946 photocopy of newspaper clipping 1p.

9) Feaver family - names and dates of death. photocopy of mss 1p

10) Mss notes of the sphynx (sic). photocopy. 1p

11) Poetry - Ode to the Night Nurse photocopy of mss. 1p

12) Letter - to Mary from Dad Nov 1944. photocopy of mss, 3pp

13) Poetry - A Talk to the Children by Dr Elizabeth Gunn by Samuel Russell Feaver. photocopy of mss. 2pp

14) Poetry - reflections on the impending County Council Elections by Samuel Russell Feaver. photocopy of mss. 4pp

15) Poetry - Breakers Ahead October 1920. A poem about harbour development by Samuel Russell Feaver. photocopy of mss. 3pp

16) A collection of Poetry by Samuel Russell Feaver. Titles include: A Tempest in a teapot; The Manners of the Mean; Elegy on a Summer House. Photocopy of mss. 16pp

17) Descendants gather for reunion. newspaper article, Daily News June 3rd 1986. photocopy, 2 sheets.

18) Link with the Past - Passing of a Settler, late Mr John Feaver. Photocopy of mss transcript. 9pp

19) Short account of the arrival of the Feaver Family in New Zealand by Richard Feaver. photocopy of mss. 9pp

20) Card. Dated 3 August 1904. Inscribed 'With Mr and Mrs S. R. Feaver's compliments'

21) Photocopy. Poetry The Sphinx knows all things.

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