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Object Detail

Round cast iron, black on outside and silver inside, dome shaped lid and a safety valve with a weight pressure of approx 3lb per sq inch. There is a ' 2 ' engraved in the surface of the lid. c.1860
Primary Maker
Credit Line
In1679, French physicist Denis Papin invented the pressure cooker. The airtight cooker produced hot steam, which cooked food more quickly while preserving nutrients. However, it was prone to explosions and it wasn't until the 19th Century that a steam release valve was added. Pressure cookers were welcomed by women because a shorter cooking period meant more time for other pursuits.
Accession No


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If you turn it upside down you should find the manufacturer's name and '2 quarts' stamped on it... I have a 6 quart one.

- FrankH

Posted on 21-04-2015 01:07:30