In 1916, the Te Popo Co-operative Dairy Co was formed and purchased the existing Te Popo Creamery from the Midhurst Dairy Company. The company operated for approximately 16 years and amalgamated with the Midhurst Dairy Company in 1931.
The papers comprise a minute book and a share register, both covering the full period of the Company's existence. 1916 - 1937
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Archive Contents

  Part 1

Memorandum and articles of association of the Te Popo Co-operative Dairy Company. 17 July 1916

  Part 2

Minute book of the Te Popo Co-operative Dairy Company 15 July 1916 - 28 July 1931

  Part 3

Share register 1916 - 1931. Includes share transfer certificates, including one from the Tuna and a published annual report for 1927.

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