Thomas Ibbotson arrived in New Plymouth on the ship Amelia Thompson aged 22 years. He set up business as a draper and owned and leased land on the corner of Brougham Street and Devon Street, Town Section no. 648 and at Bell Block.
He married Amelia Leadman and had 7 children. He died in 1861 aged 42 years.
Papers dealing with the conveyance of properties in the ownership and leasehold of Thomas Ibbotson, both in Halifax, England and the New Plymouth Town Section no. 648, being the land on the corner of Brougham and Devon streets, New Plymouth.
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  Part 1

Mortgage. James Alexander Dewar Esq. to Mr Thomas Ibbotson. Lease of a parcel of a town section in New Plymouth no. 648. located on the corner of Brougham and Devon streets. 30 June 1848.

  Part 2

Mortgage. Mr T. Ibbotson to Mr William Lyon. Section no. 17. Includes a lease for ten years to William Bayly. 2 Dec. 1848.

  Part 3

Lease. Mr Thomas Ibbotson to Mr George Edward Duncan. Lease of a parcel of town section at New Plymouth numbered 648 adjoining Brougham Street and located on the banks of the Mangotuku Stream. 4 Dec. 1850.

  Part 4

Receipt. From Thomas Ibbotson of New Plymouth to William Lyon for eighty seven pounds on the Deed of Mortgage. 13 Dec. 1850.

  Part 5

Conveyance of freehold property situated in Wade Street in Halifax, Mrs Mary Ibbotson and Mrs Joseph Chappel to Mr Thomas Ibbotson. 2 Sept. 1852.

  Part 6

Indenture. Between Mr Thomas Ibbotson and Edward Johnston Walker. Freehold property situated in Wade Street, Halifax in the County of York, leased for four hundred pounds, with proviso for occupancy for Isabella Nelson, Margaret Ross and Mary Ibbotson, widow. 3 Sept. 1852.

  Part 7

Counterpoint lease. Between Mr Thomas Ibbotson of Bell Block and John Carrick Chemist and Druggist of New Plymouth for the parcel of land numbered 648. 12 March 1857.

  Part 8

Lease. Miss Jessie Dewar, Spinster to Mrs Amelia Ibbotson, Widow. Lease of part of Town Section no. 648 and buildings therein. 20 July 1863.

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