Alexander Cassie was raised on a farm in the Okato district, Taranaki. In 1911, at the age of eleven, he broke his leg and was confined to bed for approximately three months. During this time he kept a detailed journal and received letters from school friends.
On retiring from farming, Alexander Cassie rediscovered his diary and the letters and combined them to form an account of those three months. It is based on daily trivialities, boyish pranks and reminiscences as told to him by veterans of the land wars regarding the Battle of Waireka, and the Parihaka incident and the Stony River Hotel.
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Archive Contents

  Part 1

Exercise book containing the re-worked reminiscences of Alexander Cassie written in a narrative style. Includes an index.

  Part 2

Transcript of reminiscences. Undated.

  Part 3

Manuscript. Description of a journey through the Mt Dampier area to New Plymouth on horseback. Undated.

  Part 4

Transcript of the manuscript. Undated.

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