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Born in Tondu, South Wales, emigrated 1904. Fred Coleman trained as a draughtsman and was employed by the Lands and Survey Dept, New Plymouth. Fred's recreational interests included local history, heraldry and the scouting movement. He died 14 June 1975.
The diaries record Fred's Coleman's daily domestic and community activities. Entries are detailed and written in a conversational style, they give insight into his involvement with scouting including designing scouting badges; his interest in local history and also the trivialities of the day - for example repairs to the house. 1943 - 1967
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  Box 1

1) Diary February - June 1943: Starts with a record of High School Cadet - going on manoeuvres. Describes attending the Medical Bd hearing (Grade II) (Feb 27) and describes daily events - a mixture of military and home life.

Transcript of 1943 diary. (38p.)

2) Diary January 1956 to April 1957: Describes renovations and maintenance to the house, vegetable garden maintenance and scouting. Coleman has added small colour illustrations in some margins. The entries include news from friends, social gossip, observations and opinions

3) A collection of papers from the inside front cover from item 2

Folder 1. Photographs, heraldic charts and illustrations, notes on badges, draft speech notes and song sheets. List of names from the Westown Sout Group.

Folder 2. Certificates and photographs for Fred and Alice Coleman

Folder 3. Certificates and photographs for Alice Coleman

  Box 2

4) Diary April 1957 to June 1958: The entries include a statement on the weather followed by the days activities, mail received, social events, news from friends, social observations and opinions. Some entries in red ink. A few black and white illustrations in margin

5) Diary June 1958 to December 1962: The entries include a statement on the weather, followed by the days activities, incoming mail, scouting information, social events, gardening, domestic affairs, and observations.

  Box 3

6) Diary January 1963 to October 1965: The entries include a statement on the weather, activities for the day, designing scout insignia, scouting activities, domestic affairs, house maintenance, incoming mail, social events, etc. Some colour illustrations in margins.

7) A collection of papers from the inside front cover taken from Item 6

8) Diary October 1965 to November 1967: The entries include a statement on the weather,domestic activities for the day, social events and visitors coming to the house, renovations and maintenance to the house, colour illustrations in margin.

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