W.K. Wakefield came to New Zealand in the 'John Taylor' in 1853, accompanied by his wife Mary and their seven children and settled at Omata. During the hostilities of 1860, Mary and three of the children left to live in Nelson, leaving William, Maria, Eleanor and Olivia in New Plymouth.
The letters are written by Wakefield and addressed to his wife Mary who was a refugee in Nelson during the 1860's hostilities.
Letters from W. K. Wakefield to his wife Mary. 12 Sept.1860 - 8 Feb. 1862. Transcripts available.
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  Part 1

1. Part of letter from William Wakefield.

2. Transcript of letters plus a family tree for William and Mary Wakefield and their children. Compiled by Rama McGee, Palmerston North. September 1994.

Note re the Wakefield letters, has B. Holmes (Mrs), 37 Davis Rd on it, plus inscription "Aunt Maria lived in house Vivian St. where Jacksons now are, grey slate roof". 22 Dec. 1960.

Photograph. William King Wakefield.

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