In 1952-1953, Brian Scanlan produced a booklet titled An 1858 Journey Into the Interior. This consisted of a copy of the diary of S Percy Smith in which he described a journey from Taranaki to the Taupo and Rotorua Districts. The diary was published first as a serial in the Taranaki Herald and then later in booklet form.
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  Part 1

Booklet. An 1858 Journey Into the Interior.

  Part 2

Inward and outward correspondence to Brian Scanlan re the publication. Includes letters from Rev Maurice Crompton Smith (SP Smith's son), Lillian G Keyes, Miss Anne Crompton Smith, G McKellar, etc.

  Part 3

Newspaper clipping - City Express - re Smith's Hector Medal.

  Part 4

19 photos, some of maps and others of copies of paintings (the work of SPS)

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