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William Theodore Morpeth (1870-1961) arrived in New Plymouth in 1892 and practised as a surveyor. He surveyed land in Taranaki and other provinces including a period of time as Crown Commissioner on the West Coast of the South Island, from where he retired in 1930.
He took a keen interest in the development of backcountry areas in Taranaki and was a foundation member of the Polynesian Society. His papers include hand written diaries containing daily entries, essays, one concerning makutu (Maori witchcraft), newspaper clippings and correspondence.

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Photocopy of entry from History of Waitaki Boys' High School p.358-361,describing death of John Graham Morpeth, son of W. T. Morpeth in 1928.

Certificate of Authorised Surveyors for the Colony of New Zealand. 14 Oct.1891.

Document outlining William Morpeth's attitudes to the Lands and Survey Department and it's treatment of him. Undated.

Manuscript. Maori Witchcraft. Text used as an adress to the New Plymouth Rotary Club. Written by W. T. Morpeth. Undated.

Manuscript. Vengeance amongst the Maori People. Describes the story of Ani Retia, a young woman whose death was caused by a maketu placed on her by Tahoraiti. Written by W. T. Morpeth 15 Oct.1950.

Receipt. To W. T. Morpeth from the All Nations Missionary Union of N.S.W. 10 Nov. 1930.

Letter. From A. Nordmeyer, Minister of Health to Morpeth re hospital facilities. 7 Nov.1944.

Photographs (11). Scenes from the West Coast and Fiordland of the South Island, some containing W. T Morpeth. Photographs by The Weekly Press, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Letter. To Norman from David Rothschild on board S. S. Waipiata. 14 Dec. 1928.

Letters (2) From Arthur, Holy Cross College, Mosgiel to Mother and Father. 29 June 1929, 9 July 1929. Re travel arrangements to get home.

Scrapbook. Newspaper clippings, notes

Diary. 1925 Brief, incomplete entries.

Diary. 1927/1 Brief, includes shopping lists.

Diary. 1927/2 Brief, includes farm supplies lists.

Diary. 1933 Brief daily entries.

Diary. 1939 Brief daily entries.

Diary. 1940 Brief daily entries.

Diary. 1941 Brief daily entries.

Diary. 1943 - 1945 Brief daily entries.

Diary. 1947/1 No entries

  Box 2

Diaries(10) 1928 - 1938. Brief daily entries.

Diaries (4) 1958-1961. Contain daily entries.

Diary. 1942 Contain daily entries.

Diary. 1946 Contain daily entries.

Diary. 1947/2 Contain daily entries.

  Box 3

Diaries 1948 - 1957 Contain brief daily entries.

Fieldbook. 'General Survey Dept'. 1903. Includes accounts.

Fieldbook. 'General Survey Dept'. 1905 ; Surveyor's pocket book x 3. ; Field tables x 1.

Notebook. 1920

Notebook. 1948 Brief daily entries.

Notebook. 1949 Includes garden supply lists.

Notebook. 1950 Brief daily entries.

Notebook. 1951 Contains writing about 'Nana'?

Notebooks. 1952 - 1957 Brief daily entries.

New Zealand Universities Literary Yearbook Ltd Ed. 1960 ; 1 set playing cards.

  Box 4

Photographs. Photograph of group of surveyors(?), Morpeth absent, dated 1903 ; Group portrait unnamed and undated. Morpeth standing second right in back row. ; Group portrait First annual conference of government surveyors, 1920 ; South Island Representation Commission 1927 ; Graham Morpeth and friend, undated. Note on reverse 'lost on alps' ; Copy of W. K. Collins sketch of Devon Street, New Plymouth

‘Calculigraph’ slide rule.

Photographs. Woman standing beside car, undated ; A glimpse of Ohura at Sunrise (postcard) ; Surveyors(?) on horseback, undated.

Photographs. Morpeth and (?) seated on bench, on reverse April 1927?/1957 ; (3) photographs of surveyors camp and alpine scene ; Group portrait of surveyors(?), Morpeth third left ; Queenstown Wharf, Aug. 1901 ; West Coast (N.Z.) Part on horseback crossing a river ; Photograph of municipal building with neon sign.

Studio portrait of W. T. Morpeth. Undated.

Portrait. H.M. King Edward VII and King Edward VIII.

  Box 5

Book. Traverse Tables. Has signature W. T. Morpeth Oct. 1890

Journal. Pacific Affairs : Journal of the Institute of Pacific Relations. June 1932

Book. A Modern Zoroastrian by Samuel Laing.

Book. Raemakers Cartoons. Has name W. T. Morpeth on cover.

Folder 1. Newspaper clippings and associated correspondence on financial matters. 1933 - 1937.

Folder 2. Newspaper clippings and associated correspondence on financial matters. 1928 - 1935

Folder 3. A typescript (incomplete) of an article which appeared in the Taranaki Herald Monday September 17 1906. Written by Morpeth and transcribed by H. D. Mullon, the article describes and expedition to locate Te Rauparaha's 'hideout' at Nukuhakari/Nukuhakere.

  Box 6

Folder. Index of Maori and botanical names of trees found in Thomas Kirk's The forest flora of New Zealand.

Folder. Examination papers. University of New Zealand, examination for matriculation, letter of admission to the examination and time-table, Dec. 1885 ; Memo from Wellington District Survey Office re examinations, Aug. 1887 ; Letter re pass in Arts subject and Junior Examination, 1886 ; New Zealand Education Department annual examinations time-table 1888 and 1890 ; Examination papers 1890 for Maori and trigonometry ; Letter re pass of Civil Service Examination. 1896 ; Certificate of Competency, Department of Lands and Survey 1900 ; Notice of appointment of W. T. Morpeth as Chief Surveyor and Commissioner of Crown Lands, Westland.1922 ; Public Service Circular 1922, appointment of Morpeth to Westland position ; License to Survey, 1901 ; Certificate of admission to the New Zealand Institute of Surveyors 31 Aug. 1893

Folder. Essays. Original forest coverings of some Taranaki areas ; The emancipation of Britain ; Mr K. M. Graham : Reference A. Notes regarding a petition filed by Morpeth against another Government Surveyor ; Draft letter to The Editor, Daily News re Apartheid ; Vengeance amongst the Maori people of New Zealand ; Draft letter to the New Zealand Herald The menace of socialism 1946 ; The origin of the name Wharehanga

Folder. Manuscript. Education : ornament versus utility ; Newspaper clipping, Otago Witness, May 8, 16, 23 and 30th 1906 of published essay Education.

Pamphlet. The gateway to health by Maureen Morris Alexander. Rev. ed., 1941. Includes annotations and correspondence to W. T. Morpeth and his wife dated 1942 and 1943.

Folder. Correspondence. Letters and articles written and published in newspapers. Includes a letter from Morpeth and reply from A. B. Witten-Hannah on the Foundation of Te Whiti's long tern policy. Taranaki Daily News 7 May 1955.

  Box 7

Folder. Valedictory articles on Morpeth's retirement 1 April 1930.

Folder. Miscellaneous notes and quotations

Folder. Correspondence. Includes family history material on the Morpeth family and a menu from a dinner attended by the 'Southern visitors of the profession' 9 Jan. 1914

Folder. Miscellaneous correspondence.

Folder. Correspondence relating to financial policy and philosophies. 1929 - 1959

Folder. Correspondence relating to horticultural issues.

Folder. Correspondence on Maori place-names. 1938 - 1943

Folder . Correspondence, includes an application for the position of Commissioner of Crown Lands and Chief Surveyor, Blenheim. 1917

Folder. Correspondence on superannuation issues. 1950 - 1960

  Box 8

Sunnyrise Estate

Folder. Sunnyrise Estate. Correspondence and plans for Sunnyrise Estate, Vogeltown. 1926

Folder. Exercise book of surveying notes for Sunnyrise Estate.

Folder. Correspondence. Main North Road route from New Plymouth to Hamilton

Folder. Correspondence surrounding a petition to the House of Representatives for compensation for loss of a statutory right. 1947

Folder. Richard John Seddon. Newspaper articles and clippings.

Folder. Miscellaneous clippings.

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