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Records of the Plymouth Company relating to the settlement of New Plymouth. Also contains some New Zealand Company records.
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  Box 1 Part 1

A) "Journal of the Surgeon on board the 'Blenheim' 1842". While bearing this title, it resembles a Master's Log, recording sailing conditions rather than medical issues.

  Part 2

B) "Charter Parties (between the Plymouth Company and the owners of the following vessels for conveyance of passengers from Plymouth, England to New Plymouth, New Zealand - William Bryan, Amelia Thompson, Regina, Timandra, Blenheim)..."

  Part 3

William Bryan:

1. Memorandum of agreement re the tender of the William Bryan 6th Oct 1840 (E22.4), mss

2, Memorandum of agreement re the tender of the William Byran (copy) mss

3. Tender for hire of a ship William Bryan. Includes terms and conditions of passenge for Intermediate and steerage passengers. Printed

4. "Dietary for Passengers in the cabin to New Zealand" mss

  Part 4

Amelia Thompson:1. Document authorising James Thomas Shaw to act as Assistant to the Surgeon and School Master, March 14th 1841, mss copy.2. Inventory of supplies given to Mr Evans, surgeon on board the ship Amelia Thompson. March 20 1841. mss3. Shipping order for goods delivered per Amelia Thompson March 16th 1841 mss/printed4. Invoice for goods supplied from James Marshall, cut and ornamental glass to be shipped per the barque Amelia Thompson 30 Jan 1841, mss/printed. Annotation by W H Skinner informs that this document was part of Wm Black's estate.5. 'Despatches per Amelia Thompson - a copy of a letter to James Evans, Surgeon from Plymouth Co. March 14 1841. mss6. Memorandum of Agreement, 13 March 1841, re the tender of the Amelia Thompson. mss7. Tender for the hireage of the Amelia Thompson. Includes terms and conditions for the conveyance of goods and passengers. March 20 1841. mss/printed (E22.6)8. Colonial library - list of books (E22.13)9. Letter to Principal Agent sent per the Regina, regarding the forthcoming voyage of the ship Amelia Thompson, March 184110. Authorisation for James Thomas Shaw, assistant surgeon and school master (copy of item 1) (E22.12)11. Letter to Haswell re the fitting out of the Amelia Thompson. January 15 1841. mss copy. (E22.11)

  Part 5


1. Charter Party between Edwin Henry Rowe of Devonport and the owner of the Regina and the Plymouth Co re the shipping of goods to New Plymouth. March 8 1841, mss

2. Embarkation Order re Rowe

3. Charter Party, copy of item 1, mss

4. Embarkation Order, copy of item 2

5. 'Account of money paid by the New Zealand Company's Agent at New Plymouth... for board and lodging of sailors belonging the the schooner Regina (following the wreck). Lists settlers who provided lodgings. mss

6. An account of money paid by the NZ Co for board and lodgings of shipwrecked sailors. mss

7. An agreement between Capt Liardet and the Principle Agent of the NZ Co re the voyage of the Regina. mss

8. Account of money rec for Duties ex Regina. Names individuals and the amounts paid mss (triplicate)

9. Account of freight ex Regina, Plymouth Company of New Zealand. mss

10. Bill of lading - Regina

11. List of Free Goods charagable only with entry mss

12. List of Goods on board the Regina chargable with duty mss

13. Memorandum for Capt Liardet re freight mss

14. Statement from Plymouth Co of New Zealand re amounts owed for freight on the ship Regina dec 5 1841. mss

15. Letter re the wreck of the Regina Dec 5 1841 (triplicate) mss

16. As for item 15. (duplicate) mss

17. Letter to Capt King re the ship Regina. March 25 1841

18. Letter to Capt King re the ship Regina, April 12 1841

  Part 6


1. Memorandum of agreement re the hirage of the ship Essex. July 22nd 1842, Copy

2. Tender for Passage, accommodation and diet of steerage passengers, Essex, July 12 1842

3. Invoice of Two Cranes to be shipped on the essex

4. Letter advising of the shipment of cranes to per Essex. Aug 29 1842 (duplicate) mss

  Part 7


1. Despatch Nov 1st 1841, To Capt Liardet re Chartering of the ship Timandra (copy) mss

2. and 3. Charter party - Tender for the hire of the ship Timandra, Nov 1st 1841. E22.19 Mss/printed. Tied together with ribbon and sealed with wax

4,5 and 6. Charter Party for the Timandra, October 18th 1841 etc, mss/printed. Tied together with ribbon and sealed with sealing wax.

7. Bill of Lading for goods shiped on the TImandra, Oct 1841. printed with annotations

8. Invoice for goods shipped on baord the Timandra. Has diagram and description of moorings. Oct 26 1841

9. Manifest of cargo on board the ship Timandra

10a. List of goods requested by Dr Forbes - medical comforts. Oct 31st 1841 and a second list dated Feb 25 1842 Mss

10b. Letter re moorings and boat sent out on the Timandra, Oct 22 1841. mss (fragile)

11. Instructions to the Master on board the company ship Timandra respecting the needlework for the employment of female steerage passengers Nov 1st 1841. Mss plus typescript (the latter thought to be transcribed by Herb Mullon)

12. Instructions to the Matron on board the Company ship Timandra respecting the needlework for the employment of the female steerage passengers. Nov 1 1841. Mss

12a. Instructions to the matron etc (copy of item 12) Mss

13. Letter to Dr Forbes re the regulations respecting needlework for the employment of female steerage passengers on the ship Timandra. Nov 1 1841, Mss

14. Letter to Capt Liardet regarding the regulations respecting needlework for the employment of female passengers, Nov 1 1841. mss plus typescript. (the latter thought to be transcribed by Herb Mullon)

15. Summary of work to be finished by the female emigrants. Mss plus typescript (thought to have been transcribed by Herb Mullon)

16. Letter to John Ward, from Thomas Woolcombe, Oct 27 1841 re needlework for the emplyment of female emigrants and funds raised to be used in the formation of a Mechanics Institute. mss with typescript (presumed to be transcribed by herb Mullon)

17. List of Women's White Cotton shifts mss

18. List of men's shirts blue, Feb 21st 1842, mss

19. Letter to Forbes from Dillion Bell 18th Oct 1841 re Forbes appointment as Surgeon on the Timandra. mss

20. Instructions to the Surgeons Superintentent of board the emigrant ships of the New Zealand Company. printed.

21. missing. (11/15/2001 MED)

22. Account of medical comforts used on board the ship Timandra... Oct 30 1841 - Feb 1842, mss

23. Account of expenditure of medical Comforts on board the ship Timandra, Forbes. mss

24. Running account of articles, received from the capt for the use of the sick, extra of medical comforts... mss

25. Return of deaths on board the Timandra of the passage from England to New Zealand. mss

26. Account of medicines and Hospital stores, Timandra... mss

27. List of medicines and Hospital stores returned to Capt Skinner, Timandra Feb 28 1842. mss

28. Letter to Liardet re shipment of mooring and boat. 22 Oct 1841 mss

29. Letter to Liardet re charter party. Nov 1st 1841. mss

  Part 8


1. Invoice for a barometer per the Blenheim. June 30 1842. mss

2 and 3. Charter party includes Memorandum of agreement and tender for passage, accomodation and diet od steerage passengers pre the Blenheim

4. Memorandum of agreement (copy)

5. Tender for passage, accomodation and diet of steerage passengers pre the Blenheim (copy)

6. Letter to Capt Liardet from John Ward re the charter party for the Blenheim. 27 June 1842. mss

7. letter to Wickstead from Wakefield 5 Nov 1842 re despatches mss

8. letter to William Snell on board the ship Blenheim from John Ward 14 June 1842 re Snells appointment of school master and assistant to the surgeon mss

9. Letter appointing Richard Goninain to the position of Cook and 14 June 1842 re Cook being appointed mss

10. Letter to Liardet from Ward, June 27 1842 re Charter of ship Blenheim. mss

11.List of Books on board the ship Blenheim. June 27 1842. mss

12. Letter to Liardet from Ward, Nov 30 1842 re the voyage of the Blenheim mss

13. Authority empowering William Snell to be school master and surgeon's assistant during the voyage of the shiop Blenheim, July, 1842 printed/mss

14. Statement of payment on account of officers in the New Plymouth Settlement ... June 30th 1842 mss

15. Letter to Wickstead from Norway, surgeon on the Blenheim re books destroyed on the voyage of the Blenheim Dec 15 1842. mss

16. document authorising James Dusk to be constable on board the ship Blenheim. 1st July, 1842, mss

17. Letter to William Williams from Ward, 14 June 1842 re his appointment as a constable on board the ship Blenheim.mss

18. Bill of Lading - morring buoy and anchor etc

19. missing (11/15/2001 MED)

20. Notes re mortalities during voyage mss

21. Enclosure No 2. mss

22. Note from Surgeon Norway re the voyage to NZ on the barque Blenheim 21 Nov 1842. mss

  Part 9


1. Bill of lading for a launch complete in frame with sails, oars, masts and rigging to be delivered to New Plymouth. 8 June 1841. (fragile)

Blank tender form for the hire of a ship to convey passengers and goods from Plymouth (E22.10)

Blank instruction form. Surgeons-superintendent on board the emigrant ships of the New Zealand Company.

  Part 10

C. Passenger Lists

C1. William Bryan, March 1841, (3 copies)

C2. Amelia Thompson, Sept 1841, (1 copy)

C3. Oriental, Nov 1841 (2 copies)

C4. Timandra, Feb 1842 (1 copy)

C5. Blenheim, Nov 1842 (1 copy)

C6. Essex. January 1843 (1 copy)

  Part 11

E. Misc papers

E1.Blank form for authorization and empowerment, Plymouth Co of New Zealand New Zealand Company (printed)

E2. Settlement of New-Plymouth under the Plymouth Company of New Zealand; term of purchase by Colonists of double land orders for rural and reserved town lands. (printed) has a small sketch of a cottage

E3. Appendix F. to minutes of Council 14 Oct 1846. Return of total expenditure of each year in making wharfs, roads and bridges in the northern district of the colony.

E4.Terms for the purchase of Lands in the Second settlement. (printed)

  Box 2 Part 12

D. "Confidential Correspondence of the Plymouth Company 1840 - 1843". Copies of letters regarding the settlement of New Plymouth salvaged from the Lands and Survey Department, Wellington. The correspondence, including petitions and letters to and from Colonel William Wakefield from Thomas Woolcombe and John Wicksteed, illustrates some of the settler's reactions and concerns. The collection was transcribed by W. H. Trimble around 1893 and presented to W. H. Skinner. Includes covering letters from Trimble and Skinner.

NB: book cover label gives the dates 1840-1843 but an inside page states "New Plymouth Settlement papers July 1840 - August 1844".

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