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The collection consists of reports, letters, dispatches, accounts held by the settlers at the New Zealand Company store, records of settler's works and services performed, land sale and reallocation of land after various awards, statistics, shipping records and census returns.
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  Box 1

Folder 1

Index to despatches to the Principal Agent

One volume May 1842 to May 1847? Notes dates, where and when dispatched, and brief description of the contents of the despatch.

Folder 2

Mr John Wicksteed's copy of despatches sent 1847

Volume 1

A. Volume marked "51A Despatches to Principal Agent" Despatches to the Principal Agent from the Resident Agent, January 1842 to August 1845 (mss)

Volume 2

B. Volume marked "51B". Despatches to Principal Agent, from the Resident Agent, New Plymouth, September 1845 to January 18 1846 (mss)

  Box 2

Volume 3

C. Volume marked "51C". Despatches to the Principal Agent from the Resident Agent, New Plymouth May 17 1842 to December 25th 1847 (mss)

Volume 4

D. Volume marked "Official Letters". Letter book May 25th 1842 to 2 January 1851. At the back of the book are copies of three letters Nov 22 , Nov 25, Nov 28, all from FitzRoy. Also official letters forwarded to the Principal Agent Aug 16, August 19 1845. Also a copy of a letter forwarded by Mr O. Carrington to Wicksteed for transmission to Wakefield but returned to Carrington 22 Sept 1845

  Box 3

Volume 5

Cash book - Records names of individuals, particulars such as work and services performed, monies received and paid with a balance. August 1853 to August 1864

Map found amongst pages (between pages 24-25) of this volume titled (in pencil) 'Residence of Mr Wm Devenish & where Margaret - Mrs Skinner was born in 1858'.

Volume 6

A - Stock and provisions. Possibly associated with the New Zealand Company store. Notes description of stock and also itemises settler's accounts with value of goods uplifted and accumulative balance. 1841.

B1 - 8th report of the Directors of the NZ Co August 1843 (printed)

B2 - 12th report April 1844 (printed)

B3 - 13th report, June 1844 (printed)

B4 - 21st report Sept 1846 (printed)

B5 - 22nd report May 1847 (printed)

B6 - 23rd report October 1847 (printed)

B7 - Adjustments of Land Questions 1848 (arrangement for the adjustment of questions relating to Land in the Settlements of the New Zealand Company

  Box 4

Folder 3

Correspondence from the New Zealand Company, London, England (includes some despatches)

1a. Letter from F Dillon Bell to Capt Liardet re power of attorney for the Company. 30 September 1841 (mss)

1b. Copy of the above letter (mss)

1c. Copy of the above letter (mss)

2. Copy of letter from W Bridges, West of England Board to Capt F Liardet re Land Orders, 1st November 1841. (mss)

3. Letter from W. Bridges, West of England Board to Captain F. Liardet re transfer of lands. 1st November 1841. (mss)

4a. Letter from F. Dillon Bell to Captain F. Liardet re the appointment of John Ward as Secretary to the Company Oct 7th 1841 (mss)

4b. Copy of above letter (mss)

5a. Letter from J. Ward to Captain F. Liardet, re selection of lands. 9th October 1841 (mss)

5b. Copy of the above letter (mss)

5c. Copy of the above letter sent to Col Wakefield, Wellington (mss)

5d. As for 5c (mss)

6a. Letter from J. Ward to Captain Liardet re despatches 10 November 1841 (mss)

6b. Copy of 6a (mss)

7. Letter from J. Ward, London to Colonel Wakefield, Wellington re Church Missionary Society 13 November 1841 (mss)

8a. Letter from J. Ward, New Zealand House, to Colonel W. Wakefield - covering letter for item 8b 1 January 1842 (mss)

8b. Memorandum re official correspondence 1st January 1842 (mss)

9. Copy of letter from John Ward, New Zealand House to Colonel Wakefield, Wellington with enclosures re native lands. 18 June 1842 (mss)

Folder 4 Correspondence from the New Zealand Company, London, England

10. Copy of letter from J. Russell, Downing Street, London to Gov Hobson re settlement. 11 March 1841. (mss)

11a. Letter from J. Russell, New Zealand House to Captain Liardet, Company Agent, re settlement. 27 June 1842 (mss)

11b. Copy of memorandum re Church of England in the settlement of New Plymouth 18th June 1842 (mss)

12a. Copy of item 11a (mss)

12b. Copy of item 11b (mss)

13a. Letter from John Ward New Zealand House to Captain F. Liardet re mooring despatch per Timandra, claims and allowances. 25 June 1842 (mss)

13b. Copy of item 13a (mss)

14a. Letter from John Ward, New Zealand House, to Colonel Wakefield re allocation of land. 27 June 1842. (mss)

14b. Copy of the same (mss)

15a. Letter from John Ward to Captain Liardet re settlement. June 30 1842 (mss)

15b. Copy of 15a (mss)

16. Letter from John Ward to Captain Liardet re emigrant ship to follow the Blenheim 30 June 1842. (mss)

17a. Statement of payments 30 June 1842. Names payments to emigrants per William Bryan. Faull, Inch, Pearse, Marshall, Harper, Lye, Edgecombe, Pepperell, Davie, Harrison, Harris, Leach, Palmer, Allen, Pote, Seague, (mss)

17b. Copy of 17a

Folder 5

Correspondence from the New Zealand Company, London, England

18. Statement of bills drawn upon the Company. June 30 1842 (mss)

19. From W. Bridges to Captain Liardet, re sale of land, July 1 1842 (mss)

20. From W. Bridges to Captain Liardet, re despatches July 1842 (mss)

21a. From John Ward to Captain Liardet, re payment of accounts 30 July 1842 (mss)

21b. As for 21a (mss)

21c. Enclosure to accompany the above. Notes payments. 31 July 1842 (mss)

22. From John Ward to Captain Liardet re the Company refusal to build harbour facilities at the mouth of the Huatoki River. 29 August 1842 (mss)

23. From John Ward to Captain Liardet re payment of bills. 29 August 1842 (mss)

24a. From John Ward to Capt Liardet re statement of payment 29 August 1842 (mss)

24b. Copy of item 24a (mss)

25a. Statement of bills and payments. August 30 1842 (mss)

25b. Copy of item 25a (mss)

26a. From W. Bridges to Colonel Wakefield re Mr Smarts passage to New Zealand (Copy) Sept 3 1842 (mss)

26b. As for 26a (mss)

27a. From John Ward to Michael Murphy, Company Agent, New Plymouth re statement of accounts 30 September 1842 (mss)

27b. Aas for 27a (mss)

27c. Statement of accounts 30 September 1842 (mss)

27d. as for 27c (mss)

28. Statement of accounts 14 November 1842 (mss)

Folder 6

Correspondence New Zealand Company from Wellington to New Plymouth.

a Letter from W Wakefield, Principal Agent to J T Wicksteed, Resident Agent, NP. re Power of Attorney to Capt Liardet and powers delegated to Wicksteed on appointment of Resident Agent. 29 April 1842. (fragile) (mss)

b From Wakefield to Wicksteed re receipt of dispatches per Brougham. 3rd June 1842. (fragile) (mss)

c From David Lewis to J T Wicksteed re official correspondence. July 9 1842 (mss)

d From W Wakefield to J Wicksteed re arrival of despatches. July 14 1842 (mss)

e From W Wakefield to J Wicksteed re native lands, accounting procedures, sale of lands, possible bridge over the Waiwakaiho and the end of Mr Serancke and Copps' contracts. October 10th 1842 (mss)

f From J W Kelham to J Wicksteed - response to despatch No 12 re accounts and expenditure 29 October 1842 (mss)

g From W Wakefield to J Wicksteed, re payments 5 November 1842. Includes details of payments. (mss)

h From Wakefield to Wicksteed - a covering letter re statements 8 Nov 1842 (mss)

i From W Wakefield to J B Hine - a reminder of an unpaid draft. 23 Oct 1843 (mss)

j Extract from a letter from Mr Woolcombe to the Sec. of the NZ Co re employment of labourers in New Plymouth. October 26 1843

k From Octavious Carrington to ? re agreement with the Company regarding claims of expenses. Copy letter. 8th January, 1846. (mss)

l From Wm Wakefield to J Wicksteed re Octavious Carrington's claims on the Company, see item K. Outlines the recompense made to Carrington. 16 January 1846 (mss)

m From W Wakefield to R D Hanson, Solicitor, Wellington re settlement of Octavious Carrington's claims on the company. Copy letter. 17 January 1846. (mss)

n From J M Taylor to William Halse re Bill of Lading form goods shipped on the Eden for Mr Kingdon and Mr Scotland per the ship Shepherdess. Old catalogue number E28.39. Post marked, with seal. 19 Dec 1850. (mss)

o From Wm Wakefield to F D Bell, Resident Agent NP, re MacLean purchasing land in blocks. 27th January 1848 (mss)

p Copy of Richard Brown, merchant of New Plymouth, certifying that natives (Matiu, Mohi, Hakapa, Paora and Hare accepted cattle in payment of Mr Cooke's land. 11 May 1848 (mss)

q From J W Kelham, Accountant NZ Co, Wellington to J Wicksteed, Resident Agent. re use of official receipt books. 9 July 1842 (mss)

r From David Lewis to J Wicksteed re inventory of money held and office supplies. October 14 1842 (mss)

s From Wm Wakefield to John Wicksteed encloses statement of a/c for postage expenses. (Statement included) Nov 9 1842 (mss)

t From John Knowles to John Wicksteed enclosing invoice for stationary. (invoice included) 9 November 1842 (mss)

Folder 7

Correspondence from New Plymouth

1 From ? to Capt King re Capt Davy - bricks. March 20 1841 (mss)

2 Richard Chilman and William Lakeman certifies shortfall of œ2 in money received. (œ98 instead of œ100) 29 May 1841 (mss)

3 Memo for Mr Cutfield from Fred A Carrington re O Carrington's claim for expenses. 7 October 1841. (mss)

4 From F A Carrington to Cutfield re appointment of Mr Baines (as surveyor's assistant) October 28th 1841. (mss)

5 From F A Carrington to J Wicksteed, re Searancke and the survey team. June 7 1842 (mss)

6 From J Medland to J Wicksteed re his dismissal as Managing Director in the New Plymouth Office June 24th 1842 (mss)

7 From F A Carrington to J Wicksteed re equipment required by the survey team. Sept 12 1842 (mss)

8 From F A Carrington to J Wicksteed re statement regarding the quality of Mr Searancke's survey work. 3rd November 1842. (mss)

9 From Searancke to F A Carrington response to claims of incompetency. Nov 6th 1842 (mss)

10 From F A Carrington to J Wicksteed re Searancke surveying the coast from the Sugarloaves Nov 7 1842 (mss)

11 From F A Carrington to John Wicksteed re the quality of Searancke's survey work. 7th November 1842 (mss)

12 From F A Carrington to J Wicksteed re cost cutting in the survey team. 9th November 1842 (mss)

13 From F A Carrington to J Wicksteed re Searancke's work. 10 November 1842 (mss)

14 from Wm Searancke to J Wicksteed re his qualifications as a surveyor Nov 23rd 1842 (mss)

15 From G Cutfield to J Wicksteed re receipt of letter 30 March 1843 (mss)

16 receipt of fire arms from J Wicksteed for the NZ Co, signed by Henry King. 13 July 1843. (mss)

17 From F A Carrington to J Wicksteed re termination of his appointment as Surveyor. 1 April 1843 (mss)

18 Memorandum of agreement for a twelve month lease of land and buildings owner by Edward Dorset and used as the Company Store (in Devon Street) 24 April 1843. (mss)

19 From F A Carrington to J Wicksteed re expenses required for voyage to England May 15th 1843 (mss)

20 From F A Carrington to J Wicksteed re personally supplying surf boat and refused use of a horse, 15 May 1843. (mss)

21 From F A Carrington to Geo Cutfield re William Lakeman's application of a bonus. 26 April 1843 (mss)

22 From G Cutfield to Fred A Carrington re satisfaction of Lakeman's work. 2 June 1843 (mss)

Folder 8 Correspondence from New Plymouth contd.

23. From F A Carrington to J Wicksteed re Wm Lakeman's bonus 5 June 1843 (mss)

24. From F A Carrington to J Wicksteed re authority to copy documents 26 Aug 1843 (mss)

25. Copy certificate from James Evan (Surgeon) and George St George (Dr) re injury to John Watson May 9 1843 (mss)

26. A petition from John Watson to the Chairman and Directors of the New Zealand Company regarding damage to face and eyes from an exploding gun . May 10 1843 (mss)

27. Copy testimonial in favour of John Watson, signed by Henry King, G Cutfield, H R Aubrey, L H Davy, W Halse, Fred A Carrington, J Webster H Halse, R Brown, E Marshall, J G Cooke. Edward Brown, Octavious Carrington, Richard Chilman, Thomas King, Edward Dorset, John Baines and John Douglas. undated (mss)

28. An agreement in which Fred Thatcher is appointed NZ Co auctioneer for a period of one year April 1 1844 (mss)

29 An agreement between J Wicksteed (for the NZ Co) and John Watson for the later to operate the surf boat service. 1 Sept 1844. (mss)

30 From W Wakefield to Mr Watson re compensation for injuries. 2nd September 1845 (mss)

31 From J Watson to J Wicksteed re discharging the boatmen. 2 Sep 1844 (mss)

32 From Governor Robert FitzRoy to J Wicksteed re reallocating land to settlers and redefining the area to be settled. Nov 22 1844. (mss)

33 From Governor FitzRoy to J Wicksteed re appointment of police Magistrate, Capt King RN as representative of the Government in NP Nov 25 1844 (mss)

34 A claim for expenses against the NZ Co by George St George and James Evans, witnessed by R Chilman. March 3 1845 (mss)

35 From Richard Chilman to J Wicksteed re his appeal to Wakefield for unjustified dismissal. Feb 3 1846. Also a copy of a letter from Wakefield to Chilman regarding payment of salary over due. Dec 3 1845 (mss)

36 Letter re purchase of trees Dec 29 1846 (mss)

37 From John Watson to F D Bell re Wicksteed's failure to provide compensation for injury to his eyes. 9 April 1848, (mss)

38 A agreement in which J Wicksteed appoints Mr J Hursthouse Company Auctioneer for a period of one year. April 24 1847 (mss)

39 Donald McLean, Inspector of Police authorises Halse to dispose of casks of powder 5 Dec 1848 (mss)

40 Summons Revd Henry Hanson Turton and William Halse summons to court to answer a complaint laid by William Billing. 23 December 1848 (printed form with annotations). Also five statements relating to the claims. (mss)

41 From ? to F D Bell Resident Agent re cattle. 30 May 1848 (mss)

Folder 9 Land Sales

1) Plymouth Co Land order - section 519, NP, in favour of Thomas King 1/10/1840

2) Transfer of NP town land NP, Land Office, Wellington 30/9/1840(mss)

3) Settlement of New Plymouth. terms of sale of land. NZ House, Plymouth England Dec 22, 1840 (printed)

4) Numbers of choice, Town sections to be sold in England. NZ House, Plymouth May 1841(printed)

5) New Plymouth - New Zealand. Numbers of suburban sections. undated (printed)

6) New Plymouth - New Zealand. Numbers denoting priorities of choice of 750 town sections. undated. (printed)

7) Letter to Col Wm Wakefield from Woolcombe re enclosed statement of Land Orders. June 17 1841 (included mss and printed material with seal)

8) Statement of land sold to actual colonists under the terms of purchase 16 Sept 1841. Includes a list of settlers names with section numbers (includes mss and printed material with official seal)

9) Notice from Thomas King, resident Agent re Rural Lands 29 Sept 1841 (printed)

10) Transfers of land - town and rural land orders effected since the departure of the Amelia Thompson. Dated at Plymouth Oct 1841. Includes a list of names of people owning land. (includes mss and printed material with official seal)

11) Timandra. Copy of despatch No 2 Nov 1 1841. Double Land Orders sold to actual colonists under the annexed terms of purchase. (mss)

12) Timandra. Copy of despatch No 1 Nov 1 1841 to Capt Liardet re land orders (mss)

13) Forms of Land Orders. to Capt Liardet from Bridges. 1st Nov 1841(mss)

14) New Zealand Co. Conditions of sale of land. 13 Jan 1842 (printed)

15) Temporary occupation of the Company reserved lands. dated in London June 27 1842 (mss)

  Box 5

Volume 6 Land Sales

E. Volume titled Land Sales Etc

Cash Book 1841 - 1845

Folder 10 Land Sales cont

16) Despatch No 5 to Col Wm Wakefield from Ward, Sec NZ Co, NZ Co House, England re ownership of rural lands. Dated Oct 5 1842. Includes names of settlers

17) Distribution of Lands in and around New Plymouth to colonists 1842 (mss)

18) From Thos Woolcombe to Col Wm Wakefield re Wm Smart's land. (mss)

19) Copy of above (mss)

20) Despatch No 9. John Ward to Capt Liardet re transfer of statements. 30 July 1842 (mss)

21) Duplicate of above (mss)

22) Despatch No 13 J Ward to Capt Liardet re land transfers and allotments 29 August 1842 (mss)

23) Statement of Transfers of Land Orders in the Settlement of New Plymouth, NZ. signed by John Ward, London 30 August 1842. (2 copies) (mss)

24) Statement of Transfer of Land Orders in the Settlement on New Plymouth, NZ. Signed by John Ward, London 30 August 1842 (2 copies) (mss)

25) Despatch No 8. To Wicksteed, Resident Agent. from Wakefield. re Mr Smart. 9 Nov 1842

26) To Resident Office, NP from Land Office, Wellington Nov 9 1842 re transfer of lands. (mss)

27) Statement. William Billing purchases Native reserve No 3 (suburban) Dec 12 1842 (mss)

28) Part of... copy of correspondence between George Wansey and John Ward re land. March 1843 (printed)

29) Letter re Crown Grants. To John Wicksteed Resident Agent NP, from Governor FitzRoy Nov 2 1844 . re transfers of land. (mss)

30) Letter from Sec NZ Co, England to John Tylston Wicksteed, Resident Agent, 30 Nov 1845. Also a register of Notices received on Transfer of Lands, New Plymouth Dec 1845. Includes names of original owners and to whom the land was transferred. (mss)

31) Notice of transfers of Land Orders, London Dec 6 1845. Included names of original owners and to whom transferred. (mss)

32) Appendix H to the Minutes of Council 14 Oct 1846. Return of number of acres of land, (printed)

33) Appendix A to the Minutes of Council 14 Oct 1846. Return of Number of Acres of Crown Land surveyed (printed)

34) Appendix C to the Minutes of Council 14 Oct 1946. Return of Payments made in each year for the purchase of land from the Aborigines (printed)

35) Appendix E to the Minutes of Council 14 Oct 1846. Return of the Number of Acres of Land granted by the Government distinguishing whether to purchases - by way of exchange - to Land claimants or to the New Zealand Company. (printed)

36) Copy of Memorandum of the course to be pursued to the contemplated occupation of land at New Plymouth. Geo Grey, March 5 1847 The copy is authenticated as correct and true by Donald McLean, Inspector of Police. (mss)

37) 'Regulations' to be observed with regard to the reselection into the ''Grey Block" on Friday 15th October 1847. An original notice signed by F Dillon Bell at the NZ Co Office 27th Sept 1847. (mss) [Paper watermarked 1839]

38) List of 'Rural sections purchased in England by parties who requested 'compensations' in their letter on November 3rd 1847. Lists settlers, section numbers and location with remarks. (mss)

39) Copy of Memorandum of an agreement proposed to be entered into with native claimants in the Taranaki District. Written by Gov Grey and authenticated as a true copy by Donald McLean, Inspector of Police, New Plymouth March 1st 1848 (mss). Also Copy of part of a letter from Gov Geo Grey re Spains award. March 15 1848. Copy authenticated by Donald McLean. (mss)

Folder 11

Land Sales cont

40) 'Rural Land Order of reselection in the Tapuae or Omata Block, May 10 1848. Lists names, original section and new sections taken. (mss)

41) Copy of letter to Wm Wakefield from T C Harington, New Zealand House, England. 4 July 1848 re acquisition of lands. (mss)

42) "Rural Exchange" 'regulations for the re selection of rural lands in the Grey Purchase on Wednesday the 16th of August 1848' (mss)

43) Memorandum of agreement - R Pheney agrees to let Corp Harris, 65th Reg hire cottage in Vivian Street. Not dated, (mss)

44) Conditions of sale for house and outbuildings adjacent to Mount Eliot. April 1st 1848 (mss)

45) memorandum of agreement. John Nairn (Sen)agrees to let and John Hursthouse (agent for John Brooking) agrees to hire a house in NP. No address. (mss)

46) Rec for payment by A W Moore. 17th Jan 1868 (Provincial Council?)

47) Memorandum of agreement Richard Chilman agrees to sell and Mr Reynolds agrees to purchase land near the hospital. Feb 5 1851 (mss)

48) Memo of agreement. John Hursthouse as agent for Wm Edgecombe and Wm Spurdle land at Enui (Henui) 16 August 1852 (mss)

49) Memo of agreement. Robert Hughes and Robert Parris. Letting a house in Queen Street at the time being occupied by H H Wood. 13 ? 1852 (mss)

50) Agreement for sale of Section No 39. Wicksteed and John Berridge. March 26 1852 (mss)

51) Agreement sale of section No 30 Omata District. Rev Thomas Gilbert and Alexander Campbell Jan 17 1852. (mss)

52) Agreement to purchase section No 47 Omata. John Hursthouse, Henry Wright. June 26 1852 (mss)

53) Agreement to purchase a house on King Street, John Brooking and A Beetham. 15 October (year unknown) (mss)

54) Agreement for lease property Town section No 717 and half of town section 716 G Curtis and N N Burton, 28 July 1855 (mss)

55) Part of a Government Gazette. Part of a list of rate payers with section numbers and amounts due. Nov 20 1855 (printed)

56) List of owners and occupiers with section numbers and land value. Undated. However on back page is a list of town sections sold for rates by the Provincial Government Dec 16 1856. (mss)

57) 'The Case of an Original Land Claimant' Appears to be part of a Government Gazette, undated. Old catalogue number E27.00 (printed)

58) 'Land'. A list of names and a description of land including the following information. Year (purchase?) Number of sections, Acres, Cleared, Cultivated, Outlay, Return, etc. Also notes in 'Remarks' whether there is a wife and children. Nov 22 1844 (mss)


60) 'Distribution of Lands among Colonists at New Plymouth'. Lists full names and land (both rural and suburban), 2 pages, not dated. (mss)

61) 'Rural Lands - table showing the order of their choice and selections or original purchases. not dated (mss)

Folder 12

Land Sales cont.

62) 'Reference to the sections comprising the Town of New Plymouth New Zealand'. Lists names of purchasers, agents, land order numbers and sections chosen. (mss)

Folder 13

Land Sales cont.

63) 'List of labourers who have recorded Town Sections 3 April 1843 (mss)

64) Copy of instructions in reference to Colonial Accountant. 29 Oct 1842 (mss)

65) 'List of documents illustrating the Accounts of the NP Settlement, to be purchased and forwarded the Principal Agent to Wellington Quarterly. 29 Oct 1842 (mss)

66) Receipt for œ350 being payment for land. Capt Leyson Hopkins Davy. Nov 10 1842. (mss)

67) 'Exchanges made for sections to be sold in England. Undated. (mss)

68) 4 copies of a transfer of land. Joseph Hall, New Plymouth, transfers land to Harry Hughlings of Halifax, England 27 March 1843. (mss)

69) Draft of letter. The Sec(?) written on behalf of Wicksteed regarding Halse' town section. undated. (mss)

70) 'Statement of changes on the sum of œ36,000 allocated to the Province of Taranaki for the extinction of Native title to land in that Province' April 19 1867 (mss)

71) New Zealand Land Order. Suburban lands in the settlement of New Plymouth. Order No 27, Thomas King, ? October 1840. (printed in red and faded)

72) 'Double Land Orders sold to actual colonists under the annexed terns of purchase' Lists names and section numbers. 1st Nov 1841, (mss)

73) Special Memorandum No 7. Thomas Ibbotson allocation of land 4th March 1841(printed)

74) New Zealand Land Order No 28. Thomas King - printed in red and faded. may be a copy of No 71. (printed)

75) Special Memorandum No 5. Thomas King allocated land. 11 Nov 1840 (printed)

76) Ditto

77) Transfer of land from L H Davy to William Spurdle. 8 Jan (year ?) (mss)

78) Letter from John Ward (Sec N Z House, England) to Capt Liardet, Resident Agent, New Plymouth re statement of transfer of land orders. 29 August 1842 (mss)

79) Statement John Wallace, formerly of New Plymouth offers up land. 26 October 1842 (mss)

80) Statement of exchanged sections. Included town sections to be sold in England and town sections to be sold in the colony, 1 June 1849 (mss)

81) Statement, J Lewthwaite leases land from the Company. Dec 10 1842 (mss)

82) Appendix B to the Minutes of Council 14 Oct 1846. Return of the number of acres of land sold and the gross proceeds of the Land Sales for each year from commencement of the colony 31st Dec 1845. (printed)

83) Appendix A to Minutes of Council 14 Oct 1846. Return of the number of acres of Crown Land surveyed by Government (printed)

84) Valuation of sections proposed to be unchanged by Capt Davy . not dated, fragile (mss)

85) 'Plan of Svbvrban (Suburban) and Rural Lands, Taranaki. Very fragile. (mss)

86) List of exchange of land. Not dated. (mss)

87) Unidentified list of names and numbers. Not dated. (mss)

88) Statement of transfer of Land Orders in the Settlement of New Plymouth. 30 July 1842 (damaged ) (mss)

89) Copy of 88 (mss)

  Box 6

Folder 14

Miscellaneous Agreements, Accounts and Letters

1) Clause 15 of the regulations for labourers. Company to supply an officer to assist newly arrived emigrants. July 18 1840 (mss)

2) To Mr Dorset 27th Sept 1843 Delivery of flour(?) 27 Sept 1843 (mss)

3) Letter from Mr Wicksteed... Oct 13 1845 (mss)

4) Inventory of surveying the possession of Octavious Carrington Feb 20 1846 (mss)

5) Dr to Messrs Evans and St George. To surgical and Medical attendances including drugs etc to the New Zealand Company's Emigrants from Sept 1842 - Sept 1843. Lists names of emigrants and treatments. Goodhall, Lees, Hooker, Williams, Shutt's wife, Bray's wife, Pascoe, Langman, Herlstone (Hurlstone) Scandlyn's wife,William's children, Wm Coleman's wife, John Bovy's wife, Constant's wife, Pope's wife, Mrs Genge & children, Pilcher's wife, Millstead, Harper's wife, F Cardle (Hardle?) Shutt's child, Roger's boy, William Coleman, Cowls, Pattermore's children, P Eva's wife, Gribble, R Julian, P Eva, R Scandlin (Scandlyn) T Allen, Wilkinson,N Knuckey's wife, Hart's wife, W Hey's wife, Gribble's wife, H Bishop's wife, Kestle's wife, Richard Knucky, Collins, Davy, Moyle, Grobe's (Groube) wife (mss)

6) Rough estimate of the expenses of laying down moorings on Wm Watson's place. Dec 25 1847 (mss)

7) Notice to Labourers. Labourers cautioned not to proceed to Otago without first obtaining employment. Feb 11 1846. (printed)

8) Specifications for C Hursthouse's cargo on board the ship "Joseph Fletcher" June 17 1854 (printed with annotations)

9) Specifications for Peter Walker's cargo on board the ship "William Stoveld" Feb 10 1843 (printed with annotations)

10) Specifications for John Gladstone & Co on board the ship "Neilly" 13 Dec 1859 (printed with annotations)

11) Officers salaries. Lists employees and wages. Not dated (mss)

12) An account of Officers who have been employed at the New Plymouth Settlement. Lists names, dates of employment and payments. 1841-42 (mss)

13) Statement of advances etc to Colonial Officers. undated (mss)

14) John Lewthwaite gives Richard Chilman Power of Attorney. Document dated 20 Jan 1845. Old catalogue No E28.92 (mss)

15) Articles of agreement for passage of immigrants between Henry Hinkley Willis, Arthur Willis and Amos John Gann all merchant of London (Henry H Willis & Co) and Charles Brown, superintendent Province of New Plymouth. 29th Dec 1855. With official seal. Includes list of passengers. The ship is unidentified, however it appears to have been due to sail sometime in 1856. (mss)

16) Agreement with Messrs H H Willis for the passage of immigrants. A copy of the las pages of item 15. dated 29 Dec 1855 (mss)

17) Agreement to purchase land; William Bowler sells land to Daniel Sebbon(?) Baker. 3rd June 1850 (mss)

18) Payment for timber L H Davy. (faded) (mss)

19) Copy of encloseure, inviting tenders for steam navigation in NZ, Original was signed by F D Bell (mss)

20) Letter to Capt Liardet from John Hallwell, Shipping lawyer to West England Board, NZ Co, re bill of lading for a mooring buoy pre Blenheim. 30 June 1842 (mss)

21) Memorandum for Mr Wicksteed from David Lewis, Clerk to the Principal Agent respecting Mr Copps and Mr Searancke's salary (mss)

22) A private letter to Capt King from J T Wicksteed re his personal opinion of matters in the settlement. Jan 1 1845 (mss)

23) Copy of letter to John Watson from W Wakefield re compensation for injury. Sept2 1845 (mss)

24) 'Second Colony of New Zealand.' Correspondence between the members of the second colony and the New Zealand Company (between Mr Duppa and Mr Ward) Feb 1841 (printed)

25) Personal letter from R S Rintoul to Mr Wicksteed (no date) re situation in England prior to sailing for New Zealand (mss)

26) Extract from the Minutes of the Court of Directors of the New Zealand Company held on the 4th August 1840 re Wicksteed restoring order to the settlement (mss)

27) Regulations: subject to which needlework will be delivered out to female emigrants on board the ships of the New Zealand Company (printed)

28) Enclosure No2 in Mr Kelham's despatch No5 dated 5th November 1842 re books for the emigrants and articles entrusted to the surgeon etc. Signed Col Wm Wakefield.

29) Return of revenue of the Government of New Zealand from the commencement of the colony to the end of the year 1845 (printed)

30) Statement of expenditure of the Government of New Zealand from the commencement of the colony to the end of the year 1845 (printed)

31) Disembursements paid 31st Dec 1859 (printed form with annotation)

32) Monthly report for October 1847 (two pages which have been torn from a bound volume) (mss)

33) Notes of transactions during the second visit of his Excellency Governor Grey to New Plymouth February 1848. re Wiremu Kingi's determination to return to Waitara...(mss)

34) Instructions to the Surgeon Superintendent on Board the Emigrant Ships of the New Zealand Company of Plymouth

Folder 15


1) Letter appointing James Dush Constable on the ship Blenheim, signed by John Ward, for the NZ Co, 14 June 1842. (mss)

2) From letter of appointment to Mr William Williams, appointing him constable on the ship Blenheim. Signed July 1842. (printed with annotations) (fragile)

Folder 16


1) Copy of receipt for passage money of Messrs J & C Hursthouse and Mr Newbegin. 25 July 1842 (mss)

Folder 17


1) Acquisitions for provisions for the ship Bernica at New Plymouth November 3rd 1848 (mss)

2) List of Mr Blaschke's property landed at New Plymouth per the Bernica Nov 4th 1848. (mss)

3) Letter from the passengers of the Bernica to the capt regarding provisions during the voyage. Copy. List of passengers who signed the original John Thomas, Robert Williams, William Congrive, W Blaschke, Charles Torless, Charles Milne, James Brown, F Feild, S Williams, M Blaschke, Thomas Cass. 21st August 1848. (mss)

Folder 18


1) Letter from Edward Humphries, ships surgeon on board the Mary. March 10 1849 (mss)

2) W Halse certifies the safe arrival of the ship Mary 12 March 1849 (mss)

Folder 19


1) Shipment of goods per ship Cornwall 20 August 1849 (mss)

2) Surgeon's application for provisions. 19 August 1849. William Donaly (sp?) Written from New Plymouth, the surgeon informs the company that while Miss Wright and Charles Brown were the only passengers destined for New Plymouth, others exchanged their plans during the voyage. Chas Balkin and wife, James Channell and son, Benjamin Wells and Robert Burgess came on to NP. (mss)

3) W Halse certifies the safe arrival of the ship Cornwall 23 August 1949. (mss)

Folder 20


1) W Halse certifies the safe arrival of the ship Kelso 23 October 1849 (mss)

2) Letter from the Surgeon on board the Kelso re arrival in New Plymouth 20 Oct 1849. (mss)

3) List of passengers by the New Zealand Company's ship Kelso 24/10/1849 (mss)

Folder 21


1) Resident Agent's certificate of arrival and discharge of the Berkshire 23rd January 1850 (mss)

2) Authority to board the ship for Mr W H H Armstrong, enroute for Wellington, 23 January 1850. (mss)

On the reverse is Mr Armstrong's rec for cabin passage 23 January 1850 (mss)

3) List of passengers bound for New Plymouth. Not dated. (mss)

4) Passengers per ship Berkshire for New Plymouth. Capt Whyte, Commander, J H Horne Surgeon Superintendent. Gives names (written in ink) with annotations (in pencil) not dated. (mss)

5) List of passengers by the New Zealand Company's ship Berkshire who have arrived in New Plymouth, NZ 18 January 1850. Lists type of cabin, name, occupation and marital status. (mss)

6) Passengers per ship Berkshire from London to New Zealand, left Gravesend at mid-day Thursday October 4th 1849 from the Downs off Deal, sunday evening 7th 1849 and arrived at New Plymouth January 18th 1850. Lists names, ages and type of cabin. (mss)

Folder 22


1) Wm Halse, Resident Agent certifies the safe arrival of the ship Pekin arrived 7th February 1850. (mss)

2) Agreement re Thomas Good. Signed by Geo Whitby , master of the ship Pekin 9th February, 1850(mss)

3) List of passengers by the New Zealand Company ship Pekin who have remained in New Plymouth, New Zealand. 7th Feb 1850. Lists names, types of cabins, occupations. (mss)

Folder 23


1) Letter form W Halse certifying the arrival of the ship Poictier 7th July 1850. (mss)

2) Statement by Thomas Beal, master of the ship Poictier on arrival at New Plymouth. 6 July 1850. (mss)

3) Copy of item 2 (mss)

4) James E Coward, surgeon on the ship Poictier to Halse, Resident Agent, NP re voyage to NZ. 6 July 1850 (mss)

5) James E Coward, Surgeon Superintendent to Halse, Resident Agent, NP re supplies of fresh meat 5 July 1850 (mss)

6) James E Coward, Surgeon Superintendent to Halse, Resident Agent, NP re safe arrival of the ship Poictier. June 30 1850. (mss)

7) Passenger list for the ship Poictier 1850. Differentiates between Chief cabin, Fore cabin and steerage passengers. (mss)

8) List of passengers by the ship Poictier who remained in New Plymouth 28 June 1850. (mss)

Folder 24


1) List of passengers by the New Zealand Company's ship Mariner landed at New Plymouth, New Zealand 11 Oct 1850. Notes names of passengers, type of cabin, occupations and ages. (mss)

2) Copy of letter from Wm Halse, Resident Agent certifying the safe arrival of the ship Mariner at New Plymouth. 13th October 1850 (mss)

Folder 25


1) List of passengers by the New Zealand Company ship Eden landed at New Plymouth, NZ 29 Oct 1850. differentiates between the various types of cabin - Chief Cabin, Fore Cabin and steerage. (mss)

2) List of passengers embarked on board the barque Eden, to be landed at New Plymouth. Alexander Murdock, Commander. Lists names, ages, sex etc. (mss)

3) Receipt George Ayan - cabin passage on the Eden. (mss)

4) Receipt Charles day - Chief cabin passage for him and family on the Eden (mss)

5) Murdock, Capt of the ship Eden to H Scotland and Drayton re voyage. 5 November 1850 (mss)

6) Halse, resident Agents certificate of arrival and discharge of the ship Eden November 1850 (mss)

7) Statement of provision, medical comfort etc expended on board the ship Eden, 24 May 1850. Describes passengers, food and extra provisions. (printed form completed by Capt Murdock and endorsed by Halse, Resident Agent.)

8) Capt Murdock to W Halse, Resident Agent re passage and provisions. November 1st 1850 (mss)

9) Mark Kebbell, Surgeon to Wm Halse, Resident Agent re supplies for voyage to Nelson. November 3rd 1850 (mss)

10) Lists of parcels loaded onto the ship Eden 5th November 1850. Signed by the Chief Officer Peter Miller. (mss)

11) Copy of authority to board the Eden - George Ryan, bound for Wellington. 5th November 1850 (mss)

12) Letter from Mark Kebbell, Surgeon to Wm Halse, Resident Agent re safe arrival of the ship Eden in New Plymouth. October 29th 1850

Folder 26


1) Notice of the Phoebe Dundar's safe arrival in New Plymouth. Signed by Halse, Resident Agent. 17 October 1850. (mss)

2) List of immigrants per Phoebe noting names on passengers and number in family. Not dated. (mss)

3) List of passengers by the New Zealand Company's ship Phoebe Dunbar landed at New Plymouth, New Zealand, 15 December 1850. Lists names, occupations, type of cabin,and age. (mss)

Folder 27


1) List of immigrants from Melbourne per Vixen Capt Marshall landed at New Plymouth 19 February 1855. Gives names, age, occupation. (mss)

Folder 28


B30 New Plymouth returns December 1852. Notes names of head of households, number of residents in each house, breakdown in ages of population, births and deaths in last year, types of cultivation and stock (mss)

B31 Return of Houses 1842 -44. Gives names of owners, year built, type of building, cost, amount paid and remarks on construction of building. (mss)

B32 Copy of list of houses, cottages and Warres in the settlement of New Plymouth with names of owners and occupiers. Jan 31st 1846. (photocopy of original held in National Archives - supplied by Mrs Joyce Giddy April 15 1985 with index of names in alphabetical order)

Folder 29

STATISTICS (A1 to A36 is an unbound volume of STATISTICS OF NEW PLYMOUTH 1853 - 1856)

A1 Front cover from 1857 Statistics of New Plymouth 1853 - 1856. (printed)

A2 Table 1 Meteorological - for the year 1853 (printed)

A3 Table 2 Meteorological - for the year 1854 (printed)

A4 Table 3 Meteorological - for the year 1855 (printed)

A5 Table 4 Meteorological - for the year 1856 (printed)

A6 Table 5 Land under cultivation 1853 - 1856 (printed)

Table 6 Amount of stock in province 1853 - 1856 (printed)

A7 Table 8 Vessels inward 1853 - 1856 (printed)

Table 9 Vessels outward 1853 - 1856 (printed)

A8 Table 9 Comparative return of imports 1853 - 56 (printed)

A9 Table 10 Comparative return of exports 1853 - 56 (printed)

A10 Table 10a Return of produce exports coastwise 1856 (printed)

A11 Table 10b Return of gross customs revenue 1853 - 1856 (printed)

A12 Table 11 Return of manufacturing and works 1853 - 1856 (printed)

Table 12 Comparative return of European population 1853 - 1856 (printed)

A13 Table 13 return of population in the several districts of New Plymouth 1855 (printed)

A14 Table 14 Return of population in the several districts of New plymouth 1856 (printed)

A15 Table 15 Return showing the native country or birth place of the (European) population 1856 (printed)

Table 16 Return showing the distribution of occupations among the population of the province of NP 1855 - 1856 (printed)

A16 Table 17 Return of number of births in the province of New Plymouth registered 1853 - 1856 (printed)

Table 18 Return of number of deaths in the province of New Plymouth 1853 - 1856 (printed)

A17 Table 19 Return of Immigration and emigration to and from New Plymouth 1855 - 1856 (printed)

A18 Table 20 Return of numbers and diseases of patients treated in the Colonial Hospital 1853 (printed)

A19 Table 21 Return of the number and diseases treated in the Colonial Hospital 1854 (printed)

A20 Table 22 Return of the number and diseases of patients treated at the Colonial Hospital 1855 - 1856 (printed)

A21 Table 25 Return of the number of churches and chapels, accommodation provided and average congregation 1853 - 1856 (printed)

A22 Table 23 Return showing respective numbers of persons able to read and write 1855 & 1856 (printed)

Table 24 Return of day and sunday schools in the several districts of the province of New Plymouth 1855 & 56] (printed)

A23 Table 23a Return showing proportionally the number of persons in every thousand able or not to read and write 1855 - 56 (printed)

A24 Table 26 Return of Officiating Ministers under the Marriage Act 1854 and the number of marriages performed. 1855-56 (printed)

A25 Table 27 Return of criminal convictions in the resident Magistrate's Count, NP 1856 (printed)

A26 Table 28 Return of the number of prisoners committed to Gaol 1853 - 1856 (printed)

A27 Table 29 Return showing respective numbers of buildings of different materials 1855 - 1856 (printed)

Table 30 Return showing rates of wages paid to mechanics, labourers and domestic servants 1853 - 56 Printed)

A28 Table 31 Return of the average prices of provisions, grain, livestock, etc 1853 - 1856 (printed)

A29 Table 32 Amount of rates levied and expenditure for repairs of roads etc 1855 - 1856 (printed)

A30 Table 33 Return of provincial revenue and expenditure for the ending dec 1853 (printed)

A31 Table 34 ditto for the year ending Dec 1854 (printed)

A32 Table 35 ditto for the year ending Dec 1855 (printed)

A33 Table 36 ditto for the year ending Dec 1956 (printed)

A34 Table 37 Return showing crown lands sold and disposed of in the province of New Plymouth 1853 - 56 (printed)

A35 Table 38 Return of the Maori population in the province of New Plymouth for the year 1856 (printed)

Table 39 Return showing the amount of stock the property of Maoris in the province of New Plymouth 1856 (printed)

A36 Table 40 Return showing land in crops and cultivation by Maori in the province of New Plymouth 1865 (printed)

A37 Bound volume of the above noted returns 1857 (printed)

Enclosure. Miscellaneous agreements, accounts, letters 1-31

  Box 7

Folder 30 Statistics of the Settlement of New Plymouth.

B1 Table 1 Return of population, 1843 (mss)

B2 Table 2 Division of white population, 1843, (mss)

B3 Table 3 Population, married and unmarried persons, 1843 (mss)

B4 Table 4 Population, religious persuasion (mss)

B5 Table 5 Trades and professions 1843, (mss)

B6 Table 6 Population - Births, 1843, (mss)

B7 Table 7 Population - marriages, 1843 (mss)

B8 Table 8 Population - deaths 1843 (mss)

B9 Table 8 Supplement to statistical return No 8 - deaths 1843 (mss)

B10 Table 9 Houses etc 1843 (mss)

B11 Table 10 Livestock 1843 (mss)

B12 Table 11 Lands 1843 (mss)

B13 Table 12 Agriculture 1843 (mss)

B14 Table 13 Ships 1843 (mss)

B15 Table 14 Taxes (mss)

B16 Table 15 Banks (mss)

B17 Table 16 Rates of interest 1842 - 43 (mss)

B18 Table 17 Rates of Exchange 1842 - 43 (mss)

B19 Table 18 Education (mss)

B20 Table 19 Crimes and Offenses (mss)

B21 Table 20 Wages of labour in the year 1842 - 43 (mss)

B21a Table 21 Prices of provisions in the year 1842 - 43 (mss)

B22 Copy of returns New Plymouth December 31st 1849. White population, education, employment, places of worship, Judicial, Livestock, Agriculture (mss)

B23 Land cultivated by the natives within the district of New Plymouth (no date (mss)

B24 Census of white population in Taranaki 1846 (mss)

B25 Government statistics New Plymouth Settlement taken Dec 4 1847 - European Population, Native population, land in cultivation, Livestock, Misc, Education, Employment and population, (mss)

B26 Return at New Plymouth 31st dec 1847 - population, education, agricultural return. livestock, (mss)

B27 Returns at New Plymouth to 31st December 1849 - white population, education, employment, places of worship, livestock, agriculture (mss)

B28 R Brown agreement to produce potatoes. 21 October 1859 (mss)

B29 Statistics Nos 1 to 4 for the settlement of New Plymouth. 1844/5? (Skinner collection) (mss)

Un-numbered - Copy of letter to Jermyn Symonds, Police Magistrate, from Governor Robert Fitzroy, November 18 1844, directing the former to travel to Mangoaraka (Mongaraki) to gather statistical information (mss)

Volume E: Monthly reports from Resident Agent to Principal Agent, December 1847 - June 1851

  Box 8

Letterbook containing copies of correspondence dated 1844-1846 from writers including Josiah Flight and William Halse to the New Zealand Society of London. Includes shipping lists from 1844 and 1845, census data from September 1845 as well as several loose letters. Only 47 pages of the book have been used, the rest are blank.

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