On the 11 August 1855, the Taranaki Militia was sworn in, this remained as a force in name only until 1858 when the Taranaki Volunteer Rifle Corps was formed.
The records of colonial troops as listed in the in the collection comprises five order books, 1861-64, including regimental orders, duties and details and a regimental order book, 1865-66, with description rolls, stores, issues etc. of Number 4 (Capt. Newlands) Company, East Coast Expeditionary Force.
Three letterbooks, 1858-1881, are of outwards letters and one record book is of the Armed Constabulary and Volunteer Corps, inwards correspondence 1872-74. The records also include a diary, 1861-63, of duty allocations, leave and rations; a subscription book of the Soldiers Friend Society, 1860-67; roll and ration book, 1863-64 - with the diary of George Jupp, 1890-91, superimposed throughout; the rolls of No.1 Coy Bushrangers; No.1 Coy TRV, 1864, and No.2 Coy Waitara Contingent, 1865; the journal of the officer-in-charge (Captain Walter Morrison) of the Bell Block (Hua) Stockade, 11 July - 14 December 1860, including a day-to-day account and lists of crimes and offenders, and a detail and duty book, 1864.
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1. List of people subscribing to a fund for books to be distributed amongst the military and naval forces. 1860

CD-R of 14 TIF images from the subscription book. Scanned at 300dpi resized to 255dpi. Created 18 May 2006

2. Taranaki Militia letterbook 1858 - 1860. Old catalogue number E23.37. Donor was 'Mrs Capt Armstrong'.

3. Bell Block Stockade - journal of the officer in charge, July-Dec. 1860. Journal includes the names of men on guard and sentry duty, lists of offences and sentences given.

4. Taranaki Militia and Volunteers regimental order book 1861

5. Taranaki Militia and Volunteers regimental order book 1864, includes entries noting promotions of officers and men.

6. Taranaki Militia and Volunteers detail book 1864

7. Garrison & regimental orders, March - May 1864. Includes volunteers from Melbourne.

8. Regimental Orders 1863. Includes orders for the 57th Regiment.

9. Taranaki Volunteers Military diary 1861 - 3. Old catalogue number E21.11. Donated by George Cock 1921.

10. Armed Constabulary and Volunteer Corps record book 1872 - 1874, recording inward correspondence.

  Box 2

11. Letterbook, regimental orders, Opotiki, 1865 - 66. Also duty roster for the Patea Rangers September 1865 Opotiki.

Folder 12-15

12. Taranaki Volunteer's Fund. Minutes of a meeting held Dec 11 1889. Lists attendees. re negotiations with the Taranaki Agricultural Society to construct a Drill Shed.

13. List of local men attending a Nelson encampment 1889 and telegram confirming (originally from the inside front cover of item 10).

14. Photocopy. Taranaki Rifle Volunteers No 2 Co and Tikorangi Militia, register of requisitions and allocation of revolvers, ammunition, blankets, greatcoats, rifles. Register kept by George Jupp. Donor Mrs J Hazard, 3a Hunter Place NP.

15. Nominal Roll No 1 company, Bush Rangers (undated)

Nominal Roll No 1 or Captain T. Good's Company, Taranaki Rifle Volunteers 15 March 1864

Aquitance (sic) roll of No 2 Capt Jonas' Company, Waitara Contingent, Tikorangi Oct 1865

16. Inward correspondence book. Oct.1878 to April 1880. Includes notes on correspondence with an abstract on each item received.

17. Letter book. May 1880 - Nov. 1881.

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