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The Taranaki Alpine Club was established in April 1930, L.V. Bryant being the founder and first club captain. The aim of the club is to foster alpine climbing, skiing and tramping.
Tahurangi Hut was built in 1935 and dismantled during the building of Tahurangi Lodge in 1968.
Kahui Hut was completed in 1903 and rebuilt in 1955 by the Kahui Alpine Club.
The papers consist of log books from Tahurangi Hut, 1935-1945, 1945-1951 and 1982-1983 and Kahui Hut 1911-1930 plus club correspondence and meeting minutes from 1980 to 2000.
Minute book. Feb. 1930 - Oct. 1944
Taranaki Alpine Club Bulletins no. III (3) - 27 May 1935
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Archive Contents

  Box 1

Tahurangi Hut, hut book. 1935-1945.

Tahurangi Hut, hut book. 1945-1951.

Photocopy of first pages of Tahurangi hut book 1935.

  Box 2

Kahui Hut, hut book. 1911-1930.

  Box 3


Constitution and rules of the Taranaki Alpine Club. 1930

Constitution and rules of the Taranaki Alpine Club. July 1949.

Constitution and rules of the Taranaki Alpine Club. July, 1964.

Constitution and rules of the Taranaki Alpine Club. November 1973

Annual Reunion and Silver Jubilee. 23 July 1955.

Minute book. 20 Mar.1964-15 Apr.1970.

  Box 4

Minute book. 3 Apr.1970-5 Apr.1981.

Hut log book. Not named, assumed to be Tahurangi Lodge. 1982.

  Box 5

Map. Route from North Egmont Visitors Centre to Tauhurangi Lodge. Undated.

Inward correspondence. June 1980-June 1981.

Inward correspondence. Feb.1982-Feb.1984.

  Box 6

Minutes of the executive committee. 1998.

Minutes of the executive committee. 1999.

Minutes of the executive committee. 2000.

Folder. Incoming committee duties. Includes photocopied chapters from Of course you can be a club secretary! : a New Zealand handbook by Hestia Quinn. Published 1982.

Account book. Income and expenditure 1975-1980.

Folder. Membership survey and questionnaire. Mar.-June 1984.

Folder. Photographs and negatives possibly used in the production of the 50th jubilee book, 1982.

Folder. Lodge material. Upgrading report for Tahurangi Lodge 20 October 1985.

Folder. Address list for club newsletter. 24 Feb.1988. Master sheet and copies of club information. Undated.

  Box 7

Outward correspondence. 1980-1985.

Inward correspondence. 1985-1987.

Draft management plan for Egmont National Park, annotated. 1983.

  Box 8

Folder. Miscellaneous papers 1981-1988 including; HI TAC (Taranaki Alpine Club) newsletters , safety brochures on Mt Egmont, pamphlets on use of Tahurangi Hut and club membership, planning calendars, applications for funding and minutes of executive and AGM meetings of the club held between 6 March 1985 and 14 February 1988.

Folder. List of TAC members arranged chronologically by year of joining.

Hut log book. Not named, assumed to be Tahurangi Lodge. 1983.

Inward correspondence. 1988.

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