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Charles Hursthouse Senior (1781-1854) owned land and had business as a timber merchant in Suffolk, England. He married Mary Jecks (1806) and had seven children; Sarah, Hannah, Charles Junior, William, Mary, Ann and John. Charles Senior and daughter Mary eventually came to New Zealand aboard the ship Pekin in 1850. John Hursthouse with his family and brother Charles Junior came to New Zealand on the ship Thomas Sparks in 1843.
This collection consistes correspondence between three generations of the Hursthouse family.

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  Folder A

Family letters 1794 - 1845

A1. Letter from C. Hursthouse, London to father and sister. 21 Apr.1851.

A2. Letter and receipt. C. Hursthouse, London to John Hursthouse, New Plymouth. 24 Apr.1851.

A4. Account and letter. From John C. Webster to C. Hursthouse, Lowestoft.

A8. Letter. Part of a letter from C. Hursthouse. Undated.

A9. Letter. Part of a letter from C. Hursthouse. Undated.

A10. Letter. From John Hursthouse to son Charles Hursthouse at Mr Bicknell's School, Enfield. 16 Mar.1794.

A11. Letter. From Thomas Marshall, Wisbech to Charles Hursthouse reagrding the Tydd Saint Mary Charity Estates to March 1839. 18 June 1840.

A12, Letter From H. Hursthouse, New Plymouth to C. Hursthouse, Beccles, Suffolk. 5 Apr.1845.

A13. Letter. Part of a letter addressed to Dear Father, describing conditions and problems with land sales in Taranaki. 22 Mar.1845.

A15. Letter. From George Smallfield, Newgate St., to Mr Hursthouse, Timber Merchant, Lowestoft. Reference from Hursthouse on back of letter. 3 Aug.1839

Transcripts of above letters.

  Folder B

Family letters.

B1. Letter. Part of a letter from C. Hursthouse, London to his father. 26 Nov.1849. (See also A8.)

B3. Memo. Coveying the wishes of C. Hursthouse Snr. regarding the disposal of his property after his death. 21 Apr.1854.

B4. Letter. Copy of letter from C. H to Mr W. Undated.

B5. Letter. From W. Richards to Mrs Hursthouse Snr. 24 Aug.1811.

B6. Letter. From F. Hudson, Kermington (uncle) to Charles Hursthouse, Lincolnshire (Tydd St, Marys). 27 Oct.1826.

B8. Letter. From John Hursthouse, Tydd at St.Marys to his daughter Hannah Hursthouse at Mr Hudson's, Kermington, Lincolnshire. 8 May 1793.

B9. Letter. From Maria Richmond, London to Mr Hursthouse, Lowestoft, Norfolk. 23 June 1838.

B10. Memo. From John Hursthouse informing of the death of Grandfather. 19 June1841.

B11. Letter. From Thomas Jecks to his mother Mrs Issac Jecks, Wisbech. 21 Oct.1803.

B12. Letter. From C Jecks to her son on the death of his father. Undated.

B13. Letter. From George Smallfield, Homerton to Mr Hursthouse, Timber Merchant, Lowestoft. 17 Oct.1840.

B14. A register extract from Hursthouse family bible, signed by C. Hursthouse. 4 July 1836..

B15. Obituary. Issac Jecks.

B16. Typescript. Death and funeral obsequies of the Hon. William Stanger Esq. M.D. F.G.S. From the Natal Mercury, 22 Mar.1854.

B17. Letter. From Thomas Stubbs to C. Hursthouse. 22 Apr.1857.

B19. Letter. From Anne Wright, Boston to Mr Hursthouse, Lowestoft, Suffolk. Dec.1841.

B20. Letter. From Thomas Burrell, Tydd St. Mary to Mr Hursthouse, Lowestoft, Suffolk. 15 June 1835.

B21. Letter. From Thomas Marshall, Tydd Gate toMr Hursthouse, Lowestoft, Suffolk. 30 Jan.1843.

B23. Letter. From William Ground, Ornithologist to Mr Hursthouse. 11 Oct. 1821.

B24. Letter. From J. Hursthouse to his father outlining financial details for emigration to New Zealand. 7 June 1842.

B25. Letter. Copy of letter from J. Hursthouse to Mrs Winchester at Mr Pringles, Baker Cravens Building, London. Undated.

B26. Letter. From S.W. Flinders, Ramsey to C. Hursthouse, Tydd St Marys. 4 April 1843.

B27. Letter. From C. Hursthouse, Tydd to his mother, Kirmington Vale, Lincolnshire. 13 July 1800.

B28. Letter. From C.Hursthouse to his father, enclosing a note from J.S. Christian. 30 Mar.1850.

B29. Letter. John Hursthouse, Black Lion (London) to his wife Sally, Tydd St. Marys. 3 June 1788.

B31. Letter. John Hursthouse to Mrs Hursthouse, Tydd. 13 Dec.1790.

B32. Memorandum. Jane Thistlewood has left a balance of twenty pounds. 27 Oct.1835.

Transcripts of above letters.

Letter. Peter H. Hughes, University Library, University of Auckland to Miss E. Compton-Smith regarding copies of reminiscences. 25 Oct.1978.

Letter. J.E. Traue, Alexander Turnbull Library, to Miss E.M. Compton-Smith regarding the Hursthouse family letters. 11 Mar.1975.

  Folder C

Family letters. Transcripts for all but C1, C6,C12 - C14, C22, C35

C1. Letter. Maria Jecks to 'Dear Sir'. 1843.

C2. Letter. W. Hursthouse, Stoke Newington to his father. 1 June 1845.

C3. Letter. W. Hursthouse to his father. Written on board the ship Gilbert Henderson. 2 June 1845.

C4. Letter. W. Hursthouse to George Curtis, London with postcript added by G.C. re the departure of William and Anne. 3 June 1845.

C5. Letter. W. Hursthouse (off Deal) to father. On reverse, letter from Nancy (Anne) to Mary. June 1845

C6. Missing

C7. Letter. Mary Hursthouse to her father. Re trip to London and the Richmonds. 1844

C8. Letter. Mary Hursthouse to her father. 2 May [1844]

C9. Letter. Mary Hursthouse to her father. 18 May 1844

C10. Letter. Mary Hursthouse to her father. 26 May [1844]

C11. Letter. Mary Hursthouse to Nancy (Anne). 3 May 1884

C12. Copy of a letter from William Jecks to C. Hursthouse. 1 Feb. 1844

C13 - C14. Account. W. & C. Jecks with Robert Henry Francis. 8 April 1846

c15. Letter. C. Hursthouse to his father. Sydney, 25 Oct. 1848

C16. Missing

C17. Letter.(part of) Henry Burrell, Tydd St. Mary's to Charles Hursthouse. Dec. 1848

C18. Letter.(part of) Rev. W. Cooper, Chapel Bridge to ? 23 March 1849

C19. Letter. Thomas Marshall, Tydd Gate. Tydd St. Mary's to Charles Hursthouse. 2 August 1849

C20. Notice of bequest of gift of trees from Charles Hursthouse to the Parish of Tydd St. Mary's, County of Loncoln. 2 Aug. 1849

C21. Letter. C. Hursthouse Jnr. in New Plymouth to Charles Hursthouse Snr., Beccles, Suffolk. May 1849

C22.Letter. Maria Jecks, The Grove, Thorpe to Mr Hursthouse. 29 July 1849

C23. Mackies list of shrubs in the circular glass case for New Zealand. Created by Arthur Mackie 31 July 1849. Transcript available.

C24. Notice of sale of Mr Joseph Ratcliffe's farm at Tydd St. Mary and Tydd St. Giles. Sent to Charles Hursthouse, Beccles, Suffolk by Thomas Marshall. 29 Dec. 1843

C25. Circular. From Charles Hursthouse Jnr., London to ? re publishing his book An account on the settlement of New Plymouth in New Zealand.

C26. Letter. Charles Hursthouse Jnr. to John Hursthouse. Undated.

C27. Letter. Charles Hursthouse Jnr. to father. Undated.

C28. Letter. W. Walker to C. Hursthouse Jnr. re sending copy of the History of Wisbech to his father. [c1850]

C29. Letter. Cousin Hannah to C. Hursthouse Jnr. Undated.

C30. Letter. Cousin Hannah to C. Hursthouse Snr. Undated.

C31. Letter. Ernest Smallfield to Charles Hursthouse Snr. 13 Nov. 1850

C32. Letter. Anne Hursthouse and S. H. Stanger, Pietermaritzburg to father (C. Hursthouse Snr.), New Plymouth. 25 August 1850

C33. Letter. James Spargo, Wellington (a fellow passenger on the Pekin) to C. Hursthouse. 16 January 1851

C34.Letter. Robert J. Churchill to C. Hursthouse, New Plymouth. 4 June 1850

C35. Letter. Mrs Jecks, Thorpe, Norwich to Charles Hursthouse Snr. 17 Jan. 1851

C36. Letter. Mrs R. Smallfield, London to Charles Hursthouse Snr. April 1857

C37. Letter. Maria Jecks to Mr Hursthouse, New Plymouth. 1 Aug. 1851

C38. Letter. John Hursthouse, New Plymouth to Father C. Hursthouse, [Okuiera?]. 7 Jan. 1852


Assorted photographs and postcards of Richmond Cottage, New Plymouth and Richmond family dwellings in England.

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Letter transcriptions.

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