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The diaries describe daily events and speeches made at Parihaka to Te Whiti and Tohu.
Born in England in 1841, Charles Hursthouse came to New Zealand on board the ship 'Thomas Sparks' in 1843. He served in the Taranaki Militia and New Zealand Militia, being present at the battles of Waireka and Mahoetahi. In 1880, he became the Road Surveyor for the Parihaka area and later assisted in the survey of the North Island Main Trunk railway. He was appointed Chief Engineer of the Department of Roads in 1901. He died on the 26 February 1911.

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1. Diary. (E26.10) Contains speeches of Te Whiti and Tohu plus daily events from 21 Mar.1881 to 24 July 1881 and survey notes.

2. Diary. (E26.16) Contains survey notes plus daily events Jan?-Sept. 1881 and speech notes from Parihaka meetings.

3. Diary. (E26.17) Contains daily events 25 July-30 Sept 1881 plus speech notes from Parihaka meetings and lists of names of Maori.

4. Folder. Inventory of speeches given by Te Whiti at Parihaka as noted in the C.W. Hursthouse diaries.

1.) Extract from Taranaki News. March 1878 - October 1879 describing meeting at Parihaka

2a.) Typescript of extract from Hursthouse diary September 17 1879

2b.)Typescript copy of 2a

3a.) Typescript. Te Whiti's speech at Parihaka, Thursday 18 September 1879.

3b.) Typescript. Copy of 3a.

4.) Typescript. Notes from entries 17 January 1881 - extracts from a speech.

5.) Typescript. Speech 17th February 1881.

6.) Typescript. Parihaka meeting 17 March 1881

7.) Typescript. Parihaka meeting 17/8/1887(1881?) (Item 7 had note attached from Keith Sinclair querying the date of 1887)

8.) Typescript. 17 October 1881.

9.) Typescript. Copied from Hursthouse diary 1 Jan?1881 - September 30 1881.

10a.) Typescript. Copied from C.W. Hursthouse diary. Te Whiti - "this gun ..." Undated

10b.) As for 10a with alterations by Prof. Keith Sinclair 1989.

11.) Typescript. Copied from C.W. Hursthouse diary. Extracts from a speech by Tohu "Nothing to say..." Undated.

12.) Typescript. Copied from C.W. Hursthouse diary. Tohu " After preliminaries..." Undated.

13.) Typescript. Copied from C.W. Hursthouse diary. "If to not attain things..." Undated.

14.) Typescript. Alterations to various extracts previously described as made by Prof. Keith Sinclair May 1989.

15 Typescript. Copied from Taranaki News Oct 22 1881. The Native Question.

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PDF copy of item 4 (full contents of folder).

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