Felix Templeton Bellringer was born in 1877, the son of James Templeton Bellringer, who was Mayor NP 1889-1893. Felix was educated at Central School NP and NP Boys High School and served several years as a law clerk. In 1900 he was admitted to the Bar - solicitor of the Supreme Court NZ. In 1901 he was elected temporary Town Clerk, later becoming Town Clerk and Borough Treasurer. In the former position he served for 50 years retiring in Feb 1952
The papers consist of reports and letters concerning his achievements as Town Clerk 1902-52, including his role in the acquisition and development of the following reserves and parks; Aotea Park, Henui Vicarage, West End School, Prison Reserve (Moturoa), New Plymouth Rugby Park, East End Bathing Reserve, Lake Mangamahoe Hydro scheme, Maranui Estate, Pukekura Park, Peringa Park, Kawaroa Park, Paritutu Centennial Park, Lynmouth Park, Waiwakaiho Park, Ngamotu Reserve, Pukewarangi, Burgess Park. In addition to the boxed material in the archive, there is a series of scrapbooks re Parks and Reserves.
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  Part 1

Folder 1. Papers

a.) Reprint. Article on F. T. Bellringer's resignation as Town Clerk and brief resume of his career. Taranaki Daily News 24 June 1952.

b.) Report on Civic Administration by F. T. Bellringer. Reprinted from Christchurch Sun 8 Apr.1919.

c.)Ceremonial booklet. Installation of the Mayor and Councillors of a city or borough, written by F. T. Bellringer.

d.) Extract from the minutes of the New Plymouth City Council 15 Dec.1952.

e.) Letters and circular to F. T. Bellringer as Town Clerk from the Minister of Public Health regarding 'Clean-up Week'. 28 Feb.1919.

f.) Typescript. References to F. T. Bellringer's resignation.

g.) Newspaper article. Early efforts to preserve New Plymouth's foreshore. Taranaki Herald 21 Jan.1961.

h.) Aotea Park.

i.) Letter. Of acknowledgement of military service and service history. 20 May 1926.

j.) Presentation. Preservation of the old Anglican Vicarage.

k.) Copies of correspondence concerning Prison Reserve at Moturoa. August 1919. i.)Letters to New Plymouth Mayor and Secretary of Labour. 8 Aug.1919. ii.)Letters to Under-Secretary, Prisons Department and S. Smith, M.P., New Plymouth. 12 Aug.1919. iii.)Letters to Under-Secretary, Prisons Department, 12 Aug.1919. The Minister of Lands, 22 Aug.1919. Letter to Bellringer from Minister of Lands. 3 Sept.1919. iv.) Letter to Bellringer from Department of Labour. 6 Sept.1919.

l.) Correspondence on Rugby Park, New Plymouth. i.)Newspaper cutting concerning new site for West End School. 13 Apr.1920. ii.)Letter to Taranaki Rugby Union re Rugby Park. 16 Nov.1944. iii.)Letter to Mayor re Rugby Parkl. 8 Dec.1944. iv.)Letter from Taranaki Rugby. 22 Dec.1944.

m.) Peringa Park.

n.) East End bathing Reserve.

o.) Maranui.

p.) Kawaroa Park.

r.) Paritutu Centennial Park.

s.) Lynmouth and West End.

t.) Pukekura Park.

u.) Waiwakaiho Park.

v.) Ngamotu Domain.

w.) Pukewarangi old Maori Pah, Mangorei Road.

x.) Lynmouth Park.

y.) Service with New Plymouth Borough Council.

z.) Typescript of article in the Daily News 20 Dec.1939. Newspaper cutting of the same.

  Part 2

Folder 2. Papers

a.) New Plymouth Airport Board. A token in evidence of the conferring of the freedom of the Airport upon Felix Templeman Bellringer. 18 Dec.1939.

b.) New Plymouth Airport.

c.) Robe Street widening and Civic Centre. Extract from the minutes of the Council Meeting held on 15 May 1939.

d.) F.T. Bellringer's role in the Local Bodies Loans Act, 1913.

e.) F.T. Bellringer's role in the Local Bodies Amortization Plan, 1921.

f.) Extract from Council minutes on Hydro-Electric Works. 21 Jan.1929.

g.) Extracts from minute books concerning F.T. Bellringer's appointments in Council.

h.) Letter from Taranaki Rugby Football Union 1905. Acknowledgement of his support and aid to various clubs.

j.) Resume of F. T. Bellringer's life.

k.) Burgess Park.

l.) Letter from Public record Office, London concerning John Bellinger. 31 July 1962.

m.) Copy of letter from H. D. Mullon to Imperial War Records Office, London. 1 June 1962.

  Part 3

Folder 3. Document from New Plymouth City Council. Notes on the part played by F.T. Bellringer in establishment of recreation reserves, the airport and hydro-electric works.

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