McDonnell, Thomas, 1832-1899. Thomas McDonnell, eldest son of Thomas McDonnell Senior was born in the Philippines and arrived in NZ as a young child. The McDonnell family resided in Hareka where there owned a timber mill, supplying spars to HM ships. Thomas Junior joined the Colonial force in 1865 and embarked on a military career. He was active service at Mauku, Drury, Weraroa and Pipiriki. He was given command of the 'protecting forces' in Taranaki but his negotiations with Ngatiruanui and Tangahoe were unsuccessful. In April 1866, he was promoted Lieutenant Colonel and given the command of the Native Contingent, operating against Titokowaru and his Hauhau warriors. In July 1868 McDonnell was promoted to the rank of Inspector of the Armed Constabulary but with failure at Te Ngutu o te manu, he resigned his command and served under his successor, Colonel Whitmore. He was later called to assist in operations against Te Kooti and was awarded the New Zealand Cross in 1886.Thomas Junior later became a land agent in Wanganui.
These copies of letters consist mainly of inward correspondence relating to military matters but there are also three earlier letters from his father Thomas McDonnell Senior. A list of newspaper references in albums of cuttings compiled by Thomas McDonnell is included.
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Carbon-copy of letters.

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