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Josiah Flight was born in Devonshire in 1800 and came to New Zealand on the Timandra in 1842 with his wife Sarah Anne and child Anne (Annie). His two younger daughters Sarah and Katie were born in New Plymouth.
Josiah was one of the first Justices of the Peace and was appointed Resident Magistrate and Coroner of the district in 1852.
Flight is recorded as having land in Weekstown (now known as Strandon) on the corner of Nobs Line and Devon Road and later they were one of the first families to settle in the Bell Block area, near the Mangaoraka Stream.
He took an active part in the flax and ironsand industries and lobbied for the construction of a harbour at New Plymouth. He died 7 March 1884.
The papers consist of five diaries written between 1841 - 1852 providing an insight into the lives and living conditions during this period. Inward and outward correspondence and legal documents between 1848 - 1888.
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Archive Contents

  Box 1

1. Diary 1 Nov. 1841 to 2 Feb. 1846. (Index created 1 Nov. 1841 to 10 Feb. 1844)

2. Diary 3 Feb. 1846 to 28 Apr. 1849., includes list of payments to workers 21 Nov. to 19 Dec. 18-?

3. Diary 29 Apr. 1849 to 31 Dec. 1850.

4. Diary 1 Jan. 1851 to 18 Sept. 1852., includes account W. P. McDermott to E. W. Stockman.

5. Diary 1 July to 20 Oct. 1852.

6. Transcript of the Diary 1 Nov. 1841 to 24 Feb. 1844.

7. Transcript of the Journal of Josiah Flight 1841 - 1852. Synopsis and excerpts from the manuscript compiled by Joan Harris 1982-84.

  Box 2

8. Folder of letters 1848 to 1860.

a. Letter to J. Flight, New Plymouth from T. Meadows, 30 Oct. 1848.

b. Copies of letters to J. Flight from H. H. Turton, 5 July 1852.

c. Draft of letters to G. Cooper, Inspector of Police, 29 July 1852., W. Halse, Crown Commissioner, 29 July 1852.

d. Draft of letter to Donald McLean, Land Commissioner, 30 July 1852.

e. Copy of letter to T. King, Mangorei, 7 Mar. 1853.

f. Draft of letter to G. S. Cooper, 5 May 1853.

g. Letter from A. Sinclair, 18 Apr. 1853.

h. Letter from G. S. Cooper, 29 Apr. 1853.

i. Letter from G. S. Cooper, 4 May 1853.

j. Draft letter to G. S. Cooper, 8 Nov. 1853.

k. Letter from A. Sinclair, 24 Dec. 1853.

l. Letter from A. Sinclair, 12 Feb. 1855.

m. Draft of letter to D. McLean, 3 Nov. 1855.

n. Letter from D. McLean, 5 SE. 1855.

o. Letter from D. McLean, 30 May 1856.

p. Letter from C. W. Richmond, 13 Aug. 1856.

q. Letter from D. McLean, 17 Sept. 1856.

r. Letter from D. McLean, 5 Oct. 1856.

s. Letter from H. H. Turton, 12 Dec. 1856.

t. Letter from H. H. Turton, 31 Jan 1857.

u. Letter from D. McLean, 1 Apr. 1857.

v. Letter from H. H. Turton, Kawhia, 13 June 1857.

w. Letter from H. H. Turton, 27 June 1857.

x. Letter from C. W. Richmond, 16 Aug. 1857.

y. Draft letter to D. McLean, 24 Aug. 1857.

z. Letter from D. McLean, 28 Sept. 1857.

aa. Letter from H. H. Turton, 2 Jan. 1858.

ab. Letter from H. H. Turton, Jan. 1858.

ac. Letter from C. W. Richmond, 8 Feb. 1858.

ad. Letter from C. W. Richmond, 14 Feb. 1858.

ae. Letter from C. W. Richmond, 8 Apr. 1858.

af. Letter from G. Cutfield, 1858.

ag. Letter from H. H. Turton, 6 Sep. 1861.

ah. Letter from D. McLean, 26 May 1864.

ai. Handwritten extract from the Southern Cross (newspaper), Sept. 1864.

aj. Draft letter to J. C. Richmond, 17 Jan. 1867.

ak. Appointment of J. Flight as Reisdent Magistrate of the Province of Taranaki, 29 Nov. 1867.

al. Draft letter to G. Grey, 17 Jan. 1868.

am. Letter from A. J. Fountain (?), 4 Feb. 1868.

an. Letter to Sarah Flight from Jane Wymott (?), 23 Nov. 1869.

ao. Letter to S. Flight from J. Wymott, 4 Jan. 1869.

ap. Letter to S. Flight from J. Wymott, 7 Feb. 1869.

aq. Letter to S. Flight from J. Wymott, 20 Mar. 1869.

ar. Letter to J. Flight from M. E. Turton, 3 Sept. 1884.

as. Letter from D. McLean, 1 June 1858.

at. Memo of estimated losses and costs incurred by forced removal from his house at the Henui in 1860, dated 1 Feb. 1861.

au. Letter from H. H. Turton, 5 July ?.

av. Letter from H. Turton, 5 July ?.

aw. Handwritten biography of J. Flight (writer unknown).

ax. Letter from H. H. Turton, 1 March 1868 (?).

9. Folder of legal documents, 1865 to 1883.

a. List of furniture, fittings and articles of the New Plymouth Courthouse handed over to the Provincial Government, 1 July 1865 and 10 Oct. 1865.

b. Warrant to apprehend William Henry Young, storekeeper v. Matena Tupoki, Waiwakaiho, 16 Aug. 1867 (5 items).

c. Letter to J. Flight from Harry Pitt, Westport in the matter of Weston (?) v. Melville, 29 Oct. 1867.

d. Information and complaint for an indictable offence, John Duffin v. William McDonald, 18th Regiment of Foot, 29 Nov. 1867.

e. Information and complaint for an indictable offence, Lewis Richard Sheeres v. Charles Anderson, 24 Dec. 1867 .

f. Letter from H. Trim, Pound keeper, re impounding of a colt by Robert Greenway, notice posted in newspaper, 14 Dec. 1867. Also attached a sworn statement by Thomas Bennett, school master, 24 Dec. 1867.

g. Circular no. 124 Information that an Order in Council to be issued concerning court fees, 23 Jan. 1868.

h. Letter, claim of debt, Richard M. Honeywill, plaintiff v. Frank Pringle, defendant, 10 Aug. 1868.

i. Letter from R. M. Honeywill asking for postponement of the case Honeywill v. Pellow, 25 Mar. 1869.

j. Summons: Richard Manning Honeywill and James Murray, plaintiffs v. Edward Pellow,of Nelson, carpenter, defendant. Case adjourned to 27 May 1869.

k. Writ of complaint by John Duffin, Constable against Henry Thomas Yates of Brougham St. regarding a dangerous chimney. 24 Mar. 1870.

l. Affidavit of William Samuel Allen, Pound-keeper of Lower Mangorei for sale of mare, impounded by Henry King,12 May 1871.

m. Precept for the appointment of James O'Brien as a Special Constable, 13 Sept. 1872.

n. Discharge of James Torry, Labourer, late of Waihi from jail on the affidavit of William Bosworth, Goaler. 30 June 1873.

o. Copy of statistical returns for the year 1873 for the District Court at New Plymouth. Dated 4 Feb. 1874. (4 items)

p. Copy of order for sale of a horse by William Samuel Allen, Pound-keeper, dated 9 July 1874.

q. Papers relating to the case between New Zealand Titanic Steel and Iron Company v. Alexander Thomson of Dunedin. Evidence given by Edward Metcalf Smith, armourer of New Plymouth for A. Thomson. Dated 7 Jan. 1875.

r. Notice to James Day, proprietor of the White Hart Hotel, New Plymouth to clean privy. Dated 22 June 1875.

s. Order for sale of horse from New Plymouth Pound. Dated 2 Oct. 1875.

t. Written evidence given by James Hill, Edmund Walsh and Nicholas Golding against a charge involving Berry (?) and Appleyard. Dated 15 Aug. 1876.

u. Warrant to arrest John William Wilkinson, Urenui, to pay Elizabeth Wilkinson maintenance. Dated 24 March 1877.

v. Bond for John William Wilkinson, signed by J. Wilkinson, Robert Clinton Hughes and Harris Ford. Dated 26 Mar. 1877.

w. Bond to appear in court on the 25 Apr. 1877 for John Wilkinson, signed by J. Wilkinson, James Cottier and Thomas Anderson Wilkinson. Dated 27 Mar. 1877.

x. Statement from John Gervase Hammerton, lawyer of New Plymouth regarding the case against John William Wilkinson. Dated 27 Mar. 1877.

y. Bond to appear at the Resident Magistrate's Court on the 15 May 1877 for J. W. Wilkinson. Dated 25 Apr. 1877.

z. Bail allowed 25 Apr. 1877 for J. W. Wilkinson.

aa. Statement from Harry Eyre Henry in the case of Duffin v. Carrick for drunkenness that occurred on the 11 July 187?.

ab. Report concerning articles confiscated from Mrs Daniels. Signed John M Walker, detective. Dated 7 Apr. 1883. (3 items)

ac. Certificate of expenses incurred by witnesses, Joseph Samuel, mechanic, Joseph Binnyan (?), mechanic and Isaac Johnston, railway worker in the case against William Samuel Daniells for arson. Dated 27 Apr 1883.

ad. Precis. Prosecution of Robert Hamer (?) against John Black. A subpoena issued for Frederick Martin Chapman, Farmer of Rahotu. Dated 4 May 1883.

ae. Letter. from constable at the Police Station, Foxton for expenses incurred attending the court at New Plymouth in the case of Regina v. Hori Naeroe (?). Dated 7 May 1883.

af. Letter. From William Hardy, Police Office, New Plymouth,regarding exclusion of Mr Cock's name from certificate. Dated 10 May 1883.

ag. Memo. For Officer of Police, New Plymouth. Undated.

ah. Photocopy. Newspaper clipping 12 Jan.1853 New Zealand Spectator and Cook's Strait Times Guardian re Public School report for the Grey Institution by Josiah Flight as Inspector of Public Schools.

10. Folder of legal documents and correspondence, 1852 - 1860.

a. Appointment of Josiah Flight, Resident Magistrate at New Plymouth, 10 June 1852.

b. Appointment of Josiah Flight as Sherrif of the District of New Plymouth. Dated 21 Sept. 1858.

c. Appointment of Josiah Flight as Acting Collector of Customs at the Port of New Plymouth. Dated 28 Sept. 1860.

d. Official notification of J. Flight's appointment to the position of Collector of Customs. Dated 28 Sept. 186

e. Appointment of J. Flight and John Stephenson Smith as Exchange Commissioners. Dated 23 Feb. 1866.

f. Deed of lease of Town Allotment no. 1451, New Plymouth. Edward John Sartoris to Josiah Flight. Dated 27 Oct. 1865.

g. Letter to Anne Flight from J. Flight, Wellington. Dated 31 May 1852.

h. Letter from Alfred Dowett, First Secretary, Civil Secretary's Office appointing J. Flight to the position of Resident Magistrate no. 52/127. Dated 9 June 1852.

i. Official notification from Alfred Dowett, First Secretary, Civil Secretary's Office appointing J. Flight to the position of Resident Magistrate no. 52/128. Dated 10 June 1852.

j. Official notification from Alfred Dowett, First Secretary, Civil Secretary's Office appointing J. Flight to suceed to the position of Sub. Treasurer from Captain King. no. 52/137. Dated 14 June 1852.

k. Draft of letter to C. W. Richmond discussing the death of Rawiri and the hostilities at Ninia Pa. Dated 16 Jan. 1858.

l. Draft of letter to C. W. Richmond discussing hostilities in the New Plymouth area and the influence of Ihaia and the Waikato tribes. Dated 22 Mar. 1858.

j. Draft of letter to Reverend Thomas Buddle, Auckland, discussing the state of religious affairs in New Plymouth. Dated 27 Oct. 1860.

k. Notes written in pencil, appear to have a legal context. Undated.

l. Writ. James Heavens. Issued by Edward Carthew of North Clements, Middlesex, England. Dated 9 Mar. 1847.

m. Accounts 21 Nov. 1849 to 19 Jan. 1850 and one page 3 July to 26 July 18-?. (2 items)

n. Notes written in pencil, appear to be a chronology of events from February 1860 to May 1860.

11. Folder. Contents of the Flight Medical Chest.

a. List of articles in medicine chest, their uses, properties etc.

b. Letter addressed to Mr Flight, New Zealand House, Plymouth, Devon. Instructions on use of medicines. Dated 2 May 18-?.

c. Richardson's new arithmetical tables. Back cover of notebook(?) with labels(?) (2 items).

d. Three sheets of notes on medicines.

e. Recipe for Mrs Wade's cough mixture. Dated July 1882?

f. Three pieces of ?

12. Book. Poetry for children. Published 1803. Has name Thomas 1804 inside cover.

23. Handwritten journal of poetry. Some loose excerpts of poetry inside front cover (6 items).

24. Handwritten journal. Name of Anne Devenish inside front cover.

24a. Pamphlet. On the therapeutic effects of Charcoal in epidemics of measles and cholera. Dr Peter Wilson. Inscribed with annotation "Josiah Flight Esq. with the author's compliments" 1854

  Box 3

25. Photograph album. Inscribed inside cover: Annie Flight New Plymouth, 9 April 1866.

26. Photograph album.

27. Photograph album.

  Digital file

Word document. Index to Josiah Flight's diary, 1 November 1841 to 10 February 1844. Indexed by Florinda Lambert 1987.

PDF. Scan of item 6 (transcript), box 1.

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