Fruit preserving skin

A brightly coloured package containing a plastic fruit preserving skin. " WARNING- Imitations in plastics are / numerous. POROSAN Skin is made / from non-toxic materials and can / be safely used in contact with / food. Look for the name / and the wrapper" printed in pink ink in the top left corner on the front side of the packet.

"CAN BE USED / AGAIN & / AGAIN [last two lines in italics]" printed in blue ink in the top right corner on the front side of the packet.

"'POROSAN' [red ink] / PATENT NO. 542090... PATENTS PENDING [blue ink] / No. 1 [red ink] / Fruit Preserving [blue ink] SKIN [red ink] / CAN BE USED FOR / OVEN OR WATER / METHOD. / Read Direction Leaflet / inside carefully. / HERMETICALLY / SEALS BOTTLES / OR JARS OF FRUIT / VEGETABLES ETC. / ANY ODD SIZES / OF BOTTLES OR / JARS CAN BE / USED [blue ink]" printed in a variety of colours on the front of the package and contained within a yellow printed circle with fruit decoration at the top and bottom and a preserving jar in the lower half.

"Contents: One sheet of Porosan Skin 18 x 12 / sufficient for at least 2 lb. Jars (the skin can / be used again and again) and direction leaflet" printed in blue ink and contained in a rectangular box at the bottom of the circular product motif on the front of the packet.

"Made by POROSAN LIMITED, 15 Warwick Court, High Holborn, LONDON, ENGLAND. / New Zealand Representatives: Leslie H. Wood & Co. Ltd., 157 Featherston Street, Wellington" printed in blue ink along the bottom edge of the front side of the packet.

"'POROSAN' SKIN 'CAPS' THE LOT" printed in blue ink along the top edge on the reverse side of the packet.

"POROSAN [blue ink] / FRUIT PRESERVING SKIN [pink skin] / has been approved in Great Britain by the / Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Ministry of Good, and has passed / full tests at the Government Research Station at Long Ashton, Briston. / It has been awarded the Good Housekeeping Certificate of Merit and / is widely used by Women's Institutes, Domestic Science Schools / and other similar institutions interested in Fruit Preserving and / in New Zealand by / N.Z. Women's Food Value League, The Women's Division of the / Federated Farmers of N.Z. (Inc.) and the Dominion Federation / of N.Z. Women's Institutes. [blue ink] " printed on the reverse of the packet at centre.

"Serial No 1460 / BRITISH / GOOD HOUSEKEEPING / INSTITUTE / Conducted by 'Good Housekeeping Magazine' / GUARANTEE / Replacement or refund of money / if this article fails to conform / to their standards" printed in blue ink and contained within an oval on the reverse of the packet below centre.

"NO SPECIAL BOTTLES, CAPS OR CLIPS REQUIRED [pink ink] / The purchase of special jars is unnecessary as all the odd sizes and shapes of / jars and other glass containers, which usually abound in every kitchen, can / be used because the skin can be cut to advantage without waste." printed on the reverse side of the packet in the lower half.

"Listen in to "AUNT DAISY' during the bottling season / and hear how she uses and praises 'POROSAN' Skin." printed in blue ink along the bottom edge on the reverse side of the packet.
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Used this every year and was very sad when it was no longer available. It was especially useful if you only had a small amount to preserve or only wanted to store in small quantities as it could be cut to cover small jars. I suppose it's no longer considered safe or maybe freezing took over. But if the freezer was full there was porosan as a back up and no special jars and rubber rings to have to store.

- Meg Clevely posted 2 years ago.

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