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Object Detail

Strongly hooked bill furnished with a cere. Two toes in front and two behind. Head and neck darkish green. Breast and under surface slightly lighter. Underwing coverts and auxillaries are a faded orange colour. Beak slightly slender than that of a kaka. Mounted on a "L"-shaped piece of wood attached to a varnished wooden base. Wings are slightly outstretched and bird is leaning downwards. An old cardboard tag attached to the left legs provides the following information "1939/115 Dominion Museum Nestor notabilis No. 9356 Drew Collection 24" (see image).
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Kea are from the South Island of New Zealand. They are the worlds only alpine parrot. They are widely known for their curiosity and cheekiness. They are at risk due to predation but their scavenging nature of dump sites also threatens them.
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