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Object Detail

A linen tape measure with a brown leather case. The round case has a brass winding handle on one side with " 66 F " impressed in it. " HOCKLEY ABBEY TRADEMARK " is moulded in the leather around the handle. The tape measure itself is linen and has inches on one side and chain links on the other side.
" HOCKLEY ABBEY " and three triangles are printed on the tape. A short length of string and a metal ring are attached to end of the tape. " FOLLETT CARRINGTON " has been etched on the rear of the case and a remnant of paper is also stuck to this side.
Primary Maker
Production Date
Circa 1850-1870
Subject Category
Subject Person
Credit Line
This chain measuring tape was used by Follett Carrington (1862-1948), a notable Taranaki surveyor.
He began his career as a survey cadet in the Taranaki Provincial Lands Department and was employed by the West Coast Commission during the early 1880s.
He went onto work in Wellington and Hawkes Bay and established a glowing professional reputation before returning to work in New Plymouth. He retired in 1918.
Accession No


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