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A photographic print depicting an image of Mary Reed Inch (nee Wheeler). Born: Devonport, England in 1842. At age nineteen she came to New Plymouth with her parents in 1849. Mrs Thomas Inch wears a dark dress with lace fringing, white collar and a brooch at her throat. She also wears earrings and her hair is tied back and parted in the middle.
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Can I please have a copy of this photo thanks Cheers Ross Davis

- Ross Davis

Posted on 08-01-2015 22:13:29

Hi Ross, You can order copies of Puke Ariki's images online here at a cost of $26 per image. If you have any questions please contact me at Cheers, Chanelle CURATOR PICTORIAL COLLECTION

- Chanelle Carrick

Posted on 08-01-2015 22:50:30

That's a Photo of my Great Grandmother; Mary Reed Inch (nee Wheeler) Born: Devonport, England in l842, at age nineteen she came to New Plymouth with her parents in 1849:

- Ross Davis

Posted on 05-06-2015 21:51:12

This is my 3rd Great Aunt Mary Reed Inch (Wheeler) I'm really keen to know much more about my tupuna in Taranaki.

- Paul Moss

Posted on 10-10-2016 04:35:45